Servo’s 2020 Campaign: 2020 Sovereignty or Socialism (version 1)


This is my attempt at a 2020 campaign. As a disclaimer, I am a right-leaning libertarian but tried to keep this scenario as fair as possible. If you notice anything that looks very wrong, let me know and I will research it for use in newer versions.

I’ve updated the issues, Governors, Senators, Primaries dates and delegate counts.

My Democrat list of candidates is up-to-date (I think) as of at least 18 seconds ago. Really, I’m running out of color combinations, that was the biggest problem!

I’ve added recent issues such as the Mueller Probe, The Border Wall, and The Green New Deal. I was going to do “Me Too” and/or “Jeremy Northam controversy”, maybe in the next version.

Since I like to have a little fun with this, I’ve added the Objectivist Party, and the Freedom Caucus, with of course Schultz running as independent, and the latest Libertarian slate. Libertarians have very few parties, almost all the delegate vote takes place at their Memorial Day Weekend convention, so all of the primaries occur at once for themServo75 Trump2020

Anyway, please take a look and enjoy!

1992 – The Giant Sucking Sound

My version 1.0 of the 1992 campaign!


At this point I have only included the 3 main candidates and their veeps. Of course I “backdated” the correct electoral votes.  Region percentages were taken from the real election data. I kept most of the main issues, removed some that are only for 2016.  Added two issues: NAFTA and Business Policy.

Future versions I will add more primary candidates.

Congress Infinity 2018 House of Representatives (Servo75)

Servo75’s House of Representatives 2018

This is my version 1.0 of the 2018 House of Representatives.  I’ve made the following adjustments to the “official” campaign

1. Updated candidates
Added special election winners
Updated committee chairs
Input some newly-declared challengers
2. MAGA Party
Challenging moderate/liberal Republicans
On ballot in districts where…
Trump carried by 20+ points and either Democrat incumbent or GOP under 80% by Heritage Scorecard
3. “TBD” in districts where GOP/Dem has targeted but no formal declared candidates.  Non-targeted districts are “off ballot” if no one has declared.

4. If DCCC or RNCC has a district in a “frontline program” for extra support (source ballotpedia), I raised Candidate Strength by 1

5. Region percentages:
GOP% = 50 + Cook PVI + Cook Prediction *

*Cook Prediction:
Likely GOP    +8
Lean GOP    +5
Tossup GOP    +1
Tossup Dem    -1
Lean Dem    -5
Likely Dem    -8

Senate 2018

I didn’t see any Senate 2018 scenarios, so I decided to post my own.  Comments as always are welcome!

UPDATE 7-7-17

Fixed error “Observer” should not be on any ballots
Added Libertarian Party
New candidate: Austin Petersen (MO-1)
Assumptions are Sanders (I-VT) and King (I-ME) will continue as independents
Michael Eisen is challenging Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) as an independent
Every party that does not have a declared candidate in that state was taken off-ballot
Updated region percentages:
30% “Expert” total: Cook/Sabato/etc.
20% Statewide Cook PVI index
30% 2012 result
20% 2014/16 opposite-seat resu

My Senate 2018

Libertarian Revolution 2020 – The Trump Incumbency

Update: As suggested, I have added the “Blue Dog” party, headlined by moving Governor John Hickenlooper (D-CO) over.  The party also includes Sens. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Jim Webb (D-VA).  Also for fun, I’ve added Independent candidate Mark Cuban.  Comments welcome as always.

This is a spin-off of my 2020 Libertarian Revolution campaign.  I’ve continued with that theme, but updated it to reflect Trump’s election.  It’s 2020 and Donald Trump is running for election, but the Republican Party has split.  There are two smaller parties in addition to Trump’s “Populist Republican.”
The “Constitutional Conservative Republican” party, led by Ted Cruz, represents those who are upset about Trump’s lack of Constitutional Conservative values, especially on trade and tariffs.

The “RINO Republican” Party represents the “establishment” Republicans such as Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan who have resisted the Washington shake-up that Trump has started.

Meanwhile the Democrats continue to swing left, but some moderates like John Hickenlooper may try to reclaim the party from its far-left movement.

Of course the Libertarian Party, though not putting up stellar numbers in 2016, has gained momentum.  The 2016 runner-up, 39-year-old Austin Petersen headlines a talented group of candidates along with “former” Republican Rand Paul.

One other thing that I did was do the Issues almost completely from scratch.  I felt that the original game, and many 2016 scenarios that I downloaded had way too many issues, as many as 50+ with many overlapping.  I think that like most things, less is more when it comes to issues and candidates so I kept both at small numbers.  The issues have been modeled after the website, which also makes it easier to evaluate candidates’ positions on those issues.  So I have re-done all issue positions one by one for each candidate.

So I hope you like it.  Disagree with the candidates or parties?  Have a suggestion?  Someone missing?  Please comment.  Thanks for downloading!

  • Mark Cuban and Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson as Independent candidates.
  • Added John Bel Edwards, Caroline Kennedy, Jason Kander for Democrats
  • Added John Galt (from “Atlas Shrugged”) as a Libertarian candidate.
  • Added John Kasich as primary challenger for Donald Trump
  • Added Justin Amash to Conservative Party

2016 All-Independents 2.0


UPDATE 11/1/16:  Ok so I know the region percentages were WAY off last time.  I’ve completely re-done those from scratch.  Methodology was difficult because of the expanded general election field, most candidates except for the current top four had some guesswork involved.  I used primaries voting to “rank” candidates within their (real-world) parties.  To avoid vote-splitting, I first expanded the lead party in a state, then divvied up the percentages.  For example if a state was 50-40 Trump over Clinton, I’d go to 60-40 and THEN “give” some of the 60 to Ted Cruz.  It’s an inexact science.  Let me know what you think.



Don’t like our choices?  Did your #1 not make the general election?  The ultimate Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio or Bernie Sanders dream scenario.  Well, what if all the candidates ran as independents?  I think it’d go something like this.

FIXES 10/23:
Some Libertarian candidates not on all ballots
Turned off polling, as it was resulting in very weird results.  Will work on the polls later.


New Jersey Gubernatorial 2017

UPDATE 10-29-17: Fixed minor parties which were still using primaries
I disabled primaries. I tried fixing them using a popular primary vote but kept getting crashes, even when going back to an electoral system.  Sorry, hopefully the bug-handling improves in later versions

New Jersey Governor 2017


UPDATE 10-22-17:

  • Added more independent candidates, such as the “Lower Property Taxes” party.
  • Modified the region vote percentages for more realism (combined results from 2013, 2009, and 2005 county results
  • Fixed issues: Removed some that don’t apply and adjusted some federal issues like budget

UPDATE 6-11-17:

  • Updated with primary election winners: Lt. Gov. Gim Guadagno (R) and Phil Murphy (D)
  • Added Libertarian, Green Party and Constitution Party nominees
  • Updated electoral vote (Huntington-Hill with 225 seats using “Wyoming Rule”)
  • Updated region percentages (30% NJ13, 35% POTUS16, 35% Senate14)
  • Added issues: NJEA (Teacher Union) & Bridgegate
  • Just for fun – added Andrew Wilkow from Sirius XM as an independent candidate 🙂

New Jersey Governor 2017

2020 – The Libertarian Revolution 3.0


UPDATE 11/9/16 So I’m not sure what I’ll wind up doing with this campaign.  Last night was, for me, a pleasant surprise.  I’m leaning at the moment with leaving the way it is, after all it is a fantasy scenario, and we have fictional Confederacy campaigns here, for Pete’s sake.  Alternatively, I would re-do the campaign with Trump as the incumbent, remove the Alt-Right party, the GOP becomes the “New Republican Party”, separate from the “Conservative Party” and the Establishment party with Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and their ilk.  Let me think on this for a few days.


Hi all!  This is my first published campaign.  I’ve seen all the campaigns for the present and past, but I was playing around with some scenarios and decided what the heck, let’s take a gaze into the crystal ball.  If Hillary Clinton got elected, we would, in my opinion be in for a very rough ride.  It’s times like those that Americans finally take notice and reject Progressivism, much like they did when 1920 brought in conservative president Warren Harding, along with Prohibition (ok so it wasn’t all good).  Please give me your feedback, I’ll be revising and making updates based on suggestions.  It’s my first published campaign ever so please be nice 🙂

Despite Gary Johnson’s loss in 2016, a strong showing in the popular vote has led to a nationwide rise in the Libertarian movement.  Many conservatives and former Republicans are now flocking to the Libertarian cause.

Hillary Clinton has had a disastrous four years and now more than ever Americans have woken up and demanded change.

There is now about a 20% nationwide following for the Libertarian Party.

Addition of the following Libertarain candidates to 2016 runner up Austin Petersen:
Congressman Dr. Rand Paul
Former Governor Mitt Romney
Actor and Comedians Drew Carey & Penn Jilette
News host Alex Jones

However the Bernie movement will not die quietly either.  There are equal calls from the left to bring down the Clinton machine too.  The former Green Party and Socialist movement have combined to form the new Globalist Party.  Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein are among the foremost candidates for this party that advocates sweeping global change, a new world order, and a global borderless society.

Among all this, the GOP is desperately trying to re-invent itself and becoming a true Constitutional Conservative party.  Texas’s own Ted Cruz and Greg Abbott are front-runners, but conservatives like Tom Cotton, Ben Sasse, and even Trey Gowdy are throwing their hats in too, as many moderate or socially-liberal Republicans have fled to the Democrat or Libertarian parties.

The issues of “Social Justice” and “Government Accountability” have been added.

UPDATE 9-18-2016

  • Modified polls & fixed error where Libertarian poll was not taking effect.
  • Added Breitbart News & Glenn Beck as interviewers.
  • New candidates:
    • GOP: Joe Walsh, Bob Corker, Chris Christie, Trey Gowdy
    • Libertarian: Adam Kokesh
  • New issues: Jobs, States Rights, Marijuana

UPDATE 10-20-2016

  • Republican party has spun off the Populist Nationalist (Trump, Christie, Sessions) and the Constitutional Conservative Parties (Cruz, Lee, Pence, Abbot, Sasse, Gowdy).  Moved
  • Democrat Party has spun off Globalist (Sanders, Stein) Party