Servo’s 2020 Campaign: 2020 Sovereignty or Socialism (version 1)


This is my attempt at a 2020 campaign. As a disclaimer, I am a right-leaning libertarian but tried to keep this scenario as fair as possible. If you notice anything that looks very wrong, let me know and I will research it for use in newer versions.

I’ve updated the issues, Governors, Senators, Primaries dates and delegate counts.

My Democrat list of candidates is up-to-date (I think) as of at least 18 seconds ago. Really, I’m running out of color combinations, that was the biggest problem!

I’ve added recent issues such as the Mueller Probe, The Border Wall, and The Green New Deal. I was going to do “Me Too” and/or “Jeremy Northam controversy”, maybe in the next version.

Since I like to have a little fun with this, I’ve added the Objectivist Party, and the Freedom Caucus, with of course Schultz running as independent, and the latest Libertarian slate. Libertarians have very few parties, almost all the delegate vote takes place at their Memorial Day Weekend convention, so all of the primaries occur at once for themServo75 Trump2020

Anyway, please take a look and enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Servo’s 2020 Campaign: 2020 Sovereignty or Socialism (version 1)”

  1. I’m a socialist, but we can love political games and disagree like adults on issues.

  2. Do mean the Ralph Northam controversy? Because Jeremy Northam is the guy who plays Anthony Eden in The Crown, and I don’t think that’d be something big enough to make an election issue about.

  3. Uuh, yes I meant Ralph Northam. Not even him specifically, but the laws recently attempted/passed in NY and VA and how they play into the abortion issue. Otherwise the blackface and Justin Fairfax things are not national issues.

  4. Really? I don’t think I expressed a preference for one or the other. The voters are making a choice between the two, and I think neither side of the political aisle will deny their respective term, and I think alliteration is catchy and that was the first one that came to mind. But if you see anything in the campaign itself that is unfair, I’m willing to listen.

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