Australia 1975 – The Dismissal

A series of controversial decisions has culminated in Governor-General John Kerr’s dismissal of Prime Minister Gough Whitlam and his appointment of Malcolm Fraser, who did not have a lower house majority, in his place. Whitlam’s supporters are furious at Kerr’s actions, but many voters are more concerned about his turbulent handling of the economy.

Australia – 1987

After a tumultuous second term in office, abandoning most of it’s policies from it’s previous government, can Bob Hawke make history and lead Labor to it’s subsequent 3rd election victory? Or will John Howard and the coalition capitalize on the disillusion of labor’s heartland and form Government? (all whilst avoiding the disastrous Joh for Canberra campaign)

Playable characters include:

Bob Hawke (Labor)

John Howard (Liberal)

Ian Sinclair (National)

Sir Joh Bjielke-Peterson

Janine Haines (Democrats)

and more.

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Australia 2004

2004 – Australia

2004 – Australia updated 6-12-19

As the year 2004 and the third term of the Howard Government come to a close, an election looms. Many issues of domestic and foreign policy divide a polarized electorate … and, in a post-September 11 world, the spectre of international terrorism is always present?

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Australia 2007

After more than a decade of the Howard Government, a young and untested Labor leader – Kevin Rudd – has risen on the national scene. Is it time for a change, or will Australians elect John Howard to a fifth consecutive Liberal government?

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2007 – Australia Latest Update 6-6-19

2007 – Australia Updated version

2007 – Australia