1972 United States Presidential Election – New Camelot Again…? (RFK Lives and Wins 1968; Alternate Scenario)

**NOTE: This scenario was created by For The Record, however because Anthony disabled the sign up page for the forum (lol), he is unable to upload it himself, so im uploading it on his behalf**

Update log for V3 Demo (incomplete):

  • Added more AIP candidates (Thomas J. Anderson, Richard Kay…)
  • Added swing for Other Candidates to stimulate its percentages
  • New, clearer images for several candidates with pixelated images
  • New events
  • New percentage bonuses per each candidate to simulate a more accurate what-if election (incomplete)
  • Adjusted issue stances
  • Added Electoral Reform issue
  • Added electoral silence by Election Day (as featured by the Electoral Reform)
  • New Maine Congressional District Method
  • Adjusted state borders in the map
  • New retro background
  • New state flag images (adjusted to election year, since some flags are ahead of 1972)
  • New individual endorsements (including candidates)
  • Frank Sinatra is re-added as Humphrey’s surrogate

Four years ago, Robert F. Kennedy was elected as President of the United States, elevating him to the White House once again since he was appointed as Attorney General by his late brother and former President John F. Kennedy. Since then, the Universal Health Care was passed by Congress, the civil and voting rights were strengthened, and there is somewhat of a period of detente as the 1970s entered. However, there are still challenges against his administration, as the Vietnam War still continues with a possibility of a collapse on the Paris Peace Talks, and may potentially lead to a North Vietnamese offensive and eventually the collapse of South Vietnam. Back home, the ERA still needs to be decided by the Congress and the US states, and the period of racial tensions in the 60s still plagues up to this day, even moreso with the public opinion of the Vietnam War and RFK’s handlings of the war. On the up side, however, whether Kennedy runs for re-election or not, continuing internal divisions within the Republicans from the left and right caused a primary field of various right-wing and center-left candidates, from Reagan to Romney, and the Democrats may seem to be united for Kennedy’s re-nomination, that is if his economic policies work for this year. Chances of his re-election are high, as long as there are no hiccups in the economy. Can New Camelot solidify his legacy for four more years, or have the people had enough

The following are images of the campaign scenario.

  • Recommendations before playing:
  • Do not add third party candidates (AIP, other candidates) in primaries as it will completely crash the game.
  • Do not switch back to General Election. For some reason, an error is produced and the game gets confused at what to do. Go back to “Change Campaign” and re-select this scenario.
  • If you are playing with a candidate that have the percentage bonuses completely rolled out (RFK, Sanford, Dem Wallace, Reagan) against a candidate with an incomplete percentage bonuses, it is NOT recommended to play with either of the candidates, especially the fact that the percentage bonus update is yet to be completed. For example, RFK v. Romney may be playable, sure, but the results will always show a Kennedy landslide victory, regardless of how many times you play/simulate it. The same goes for Reagan, Wallace, and Sanford. This recommendation will only be temporary.
  • And voila! You have a completely playable 1972 RFK mod. Enjoy.

Can you take back New Camelot into White House? Or prevent him from being President for four more years? The field is yours!

Download here!

Fear, Loathing and Gumbo on the Campaign Trail ’72

Based on the AlternateHistory.com story by Drew.

John Julian McKeithen, a former governor of Louisiana, decides to stand for the Democratic nomination. He’s a more moderate figure than George McGovern and can appeal to a wider audience, and crucially also comes from a political background that has acquainted him quite as much with dirty tricks as Nixon.

Theoretically, thanks to McGovern refusing to step down and standing as a “Peace” candidate, as well as George Wallace staying in the race, no one wins the Electoral College vote. I, however, haven’t been able to get such a result. Nevertheless, I’m releasing it now and am open to suggestions for refining it.

UPDATE 2/4/19: Reinstated the Crystal Ball. I had no idea that Barry Commoner was in fact a real independent candidate in 1980! Oops!

Gumbo – 1972

1972 US Presidential Election (VCCzar Version)

1972 US Presidential Election (VCCzar Version)

This election is an expanded/updated version of an existing 1972 election, which has been created by the Historical Scenario Commission. It can be downloaded here: United States – 1972 v.1.0

This scenario includes the historic candidates, as well as several what-if candidates.