Senate – 2018

Hello all! I’ve been slowly plugging away on an alpha version of the 2018 Senate Mid-Term election. I’ve possibly over-strengthened the Democrats, and I’ve yet to add in events, but hopefully this alpha will at least pique your interest! Feel free to leave a comment or criticism of how I’ve set the whole thing up. I’ll be updating this hopefully within the week!

Senate – 2018


  • Major Party Candidates
  • Major Independents
  • Add surrogates for main parties
  • Modify issues

To Do:

  • More Independents
  • More Third Parties
  • Events
  • More Issues + Further issue tweaks

2020 – The Libertarian Revolution 3.0


UPDATE 11/9/16 So I’m not sure what I’ll wind up doing with this campaign.  Last night was, for me, a pleasant surprise.  I’m leaning at the moment with leaving the way it is, after all it is a fantasy scenario, and we have fictional Confederacy campaigns here, for Pete’s sake.  Alternatively, I would re-do the campaign with Trump as the incumbent, remove the Alt-Right party, the GOP becomes the “New Republican Party”, separate from the “Conservative Party” and the Establishment party with Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and their ilk.  Let me think on this for a few days.


Hi all!  This is my first published campaign.  I’ve seen all the campaigns for the present and past, but I was playing around with some scenarios and decided what the heck, let’s take a gaze into the crystal ball.  If Hillary Clinton got elected, we would, in my opinion be in for a very rough ride.  It’s times like those that Americans finally take notice and reject Progressivism, much like they did when 1920 brought in conservative president Warren Harding, along with Prohibition (ok so it wasn’t all good).  Please give me your feedback, I’ll be revising and making updates based on suggestions.  It’s my first published campaign ever so please be nice 🙂

Despite Gary Johnson’s loss in 2016, a strong showing in the popular vote has led to a nationwide rise in the Libertarian movement.  Many conservatives and former Republicans are now flocking to the Libertarian cause.

Hillary Clinton has had a disastrous four years and now more than ever Americans have woken up and demanded change.

There is now about a 20% nationwide following for the Libertarian Party.

Addition of the following Libertarain candidates to 2016 runner up Austin Petersen:
Congressman Dr. Rand Paul
Former Governor Mitt Romney
Actor and Comedians Drew Carey & Penn Jilette
News host Alex Jones

However the Bernie movement will not die quietly either.  There are equal calls from the left to bring down the Clinton machine too.  The former Green Party and Socialist movement have combined to form the new Globalist Party.  Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein are among the foremost candidates for this party that advocates sweeping global change, a new world order, and a global borderless society.

Among all this, the GOP is desperately trying to re-invent itself and becoming a true Constitutional Conservative party.  Texas’s own Ted Cruz and Greg Abbott are front-runners, but conservatives like Tom Cotton, Ben Sasse, and even Trey Gowdy are throwing their hats in too, as many moderate or socially-liberal Republicans have fled to the Democrat or Libertarian parties.

The issues of “Social Justice” and “Government Accountability” have been added.

UPDATE 9-18-2016

  • Modified polls & fixed error where Libertarian poll was not taking effect.
  • Added Breitbart News & Glenn Beck as interviewers.
  • New candidates:
    • GOP: Joe Walsh, Bob Corker, Chris Christie, Trey Gowdy
    • Libertarian: Adam Kokesh
  • New issues: Jobs, States Rights, Marijuana

UPDATE 10-20-2016

  • Republican party has spun off the Populist Nationalist (Trump, Christie, Sessions) and the Constitutional Conservative Parties (Cruz, Lee, Pence, Abbot, Sasse, Gowdy).  Moved
  • Democrat Party has spun off Globalist (Sanders, Stein) Party


2006 Pennsylvania Gubernatorial Election(In beta)

Just though I’d make this because it is my home state. Also Lynn Swann was in this election! It will be ready by Saturday of this week. There were only two people running however i will ad more if requested to make a primary! (as there wasn’t one) Also possibly different parties? Perhaps Libertarian,Constitution,And Socialist(For fun)

Current Republicans:Lynn Swann(A),Rick Santorum(NA)

Current Democrats:Ed Rendell(A),Bob Casey (NA)

Observation(libertarians):dont know how to make a tottaly 0% party however there only 0.8% in the polls

Challenge: Win Philadelphia on Hard as Santorum or Swann

The first file is completed i will keep in update log give suggestions! #1 thing i need to add are tons of endorsers!

Join in give me suggestions. forum link:


v1.1B changes(2/7/16)
-Added Rick Santorum as option to Republican Party
-Added Bob Casey to Democratic Party
-Added Primaries option
-Lowered Swanns Funds from 100,000,000>90,000,000
-Raised Rendells funds to from 105,000,000>115,000,000
-Changed Rendells starting primary funds from 0>500,000
-Changed Swanns Starting primary funds from 0>250,000
-Added 4 more endorsers
-Added 3 primary debates
-added 1 more general election debate
-Changes to percentages
-Deleted Libertarian Party

Pa Governor 2006 V1.1B


United States 1996 for PF2016 – Beta 1.0

Bill Clinton is being challenged for the presidency just like every president except Washington. Will he succeed in winning another term? Will Perot finally win the presidency? Who will win the Republican Nomination? I don’t know but, it’s gonna be interesting.

Example election:


Download: United States – 1996

United States 2016 – President Romney (Full Edition)

United States – 2016 – President Romney (Full Edition)









After winning the White House in 2012, President Mitt Romney has overseen a considerable improvement in the US economy and budget. However, with the European Union hanging on by a thread, Israel and Iran poised for war, and NATO allies pulling out of Afghanistan, victory in 2016 may be a challenge for Romney. Can the Republicans hang on to 1600 Pennslyvania Avenue? Or will the determined Democrats reclaim the Executive Branch?


France 2012

After a tough first term, President Nicolas Sarkozy enters the upcoming election with significantly damaged political capital. With the economy faltering, unemployment high, and unpopularity soaring, Sarkozy seems to be an easy target for not only the Socialists but for a third party bid. Can Sarkozy hold onto Elysee, or will the reigns of power be given over to someone else?

France – 2012