1996 – A Giant Sucking Sound

A Giant Sucking Sound – 1996

Author: Tayya

After the shocking win of independent businessman H. Ross Perot in the 1992 election, and the subsequent creation of the Freedom Party, the political future of the United States is impossible to foresee. Will the Democrats return to power after 20 years? Will Republicans elect a radical, or maybe a new Eisenhower? Or will Perot get a second term in office?

United States 1996


Bill Clinton has held office for four years and achieved record approval ratings, but the country is still in a recession and Clinton’s integrity is in question. Ross Perot has formed a new party with the intention of running again, as he did in ’92. Will the Republicans be able to put up a sizeable challenge to Clinton, or will Clinton win in a landslide as he did historically?

Author: Patine