Alexandria – 1900

Prime Minister Forever – Canada 2008

Author: GOP Progressive


Two years after the Constitutional Convention of 1898, which created a Constitutional Monarchy in the island empire of Alexandria, the grand coalition of Radicals and Imperial-Unionists has fallen. Who will win the first democratic election with universal male suffrage in the empire’s history?

Zimbabwe – 2008

Author: Sandy McLachlan


Zimbabwe - 2008

It has been six years since Robert Mugabe’s Presidency was contested by his arch rival Morgan Tsvangirai. Now the country finds itself torn between the legacy of the ZANU PF and the rising tide of the MDC. With the progressive factions gaining traction, Mugabe faces the reality that he could lose control of the House of Assembly for the first time since independence.”


Note: This scenario was designed using Prime Minister Forever – Canada 2006 v. 1.03.7