TNO – 1964

America stands at the precipice in a world where everything has gone wrong. From the atomic fire that destroyed Pearl Harbour, America has known nothing but strife and unrest for the past 2 decades, while jackboots marched across Europe, Asia and Africa, devastating everything in their path. It’s now up to the RDC and NPP candidates to chart the way of the future, as America wrestles with everything from Civil Rights to War in Africa and across the Globe, whoever wins this election will be tasked with ending the American Malaise and letting Freedom once again reign at home and abroad.

Parties and Candidates

The Republican-Democratic Coalition:

Senate Majority Leader Lyndon Baines Johnson (D)
Senator Wallace Bennett (R)
Governor Nelson Rockefeller (R)
Senator Richard Russell Jr. (D)
Senator Barry Goldwater (R)
Senator Albert Gore (D)
Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. (R)
Governor William Scranton (R)
Former Representative Walter Judd (R)

Hypothetical Candidates:

President John McCormack (D)
Senator Harry Truman (D)
Senator Ralph Yarborough (D)
Senator Edmund Muskie (D)

The National Progressive Pact

Governor George Wallace (N)
Senator Robert Kennedy (P)
Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson (P)
Michael Harrington (P)
Senator Maurine Neuberger (P)
Senator Margaret Chase Smith (N)

Hypothetical Candidates:

Representative Claude Pepper (P)
Former Vice President Henry Wallace (P)
Governor George Romney (N)
Gus Hall (M)
Francis Parker Yockey (S)

Other Mod Features:

-General Election Bonuses for all candidates, meaning that the electoral map can change drastically based on party nominees.
-A robust slate of historically accurate endorsers.
-A 1962 start date (if you enjoy torture)
-Fully written events from January 1962 to November 1964, including an all-new branching events system which ensures no 2 games will ever be the same.
And more

Have fun and feedback is appreciated.

2023 Utah’s 2nd Congressional District Special Election

Following the resignation of Representative Chris Stewart, a special election has been called for Utah’s 2nd congressional district, with Celeste Maloy, Chris Stewart’s legal counsel, winning an upset victory in the republican primary as democrats rallied behind state senator Kathleen Riebe. While Utah’s 2nd is broadly considered a safe republican seat, Maloy is seeking to capitalize on anti-Biden sentiments in order to overperform both Donald Trump and Chris Stewart, legitimizing the GOP’s hopes for a win in 2024, while Riebe is looking for a dramatic upset victory that will buck pollsters and pundits alike, silencing Biden’s critics on both the left and right.

Parties and Candidates:

Republican – Celeste Maloy
Democratic – Kathleen Riebe
Libertarian – Brad Green
Constitution – Cassie Easley
United Utah – January Walker
Independent – Perry Myers
Independent – Joseph Buchman

1972 United States Presidential Election – New Camelot Again…? (RFK Lives and Wins 1968; Alternate Scenario)

**NOTE: This scenario was created by For The Record, however because Anthony disabled the sign up page for the forum (lol), he is unable to upload it himself, so im uploading it on his behalf**

Update log for V3 Demo (incomplete):

  • Added more AIP candidates (Thomas J. Anderson, Richard Kay…)
  • Added swing for Other Candidates to stimulate its percentages
  • New, clearer images for several candidates with pixelated images
  • New events
  • New percentage bonuses per each candidate to simulate a more accurate what-if election (incomplete)
  • Adjusted issue stances
  • Added Electoral Reform issue
  • Added electoral silence by Election Day (as featured by the Electoral Reform)
  • New Maine Congressional District Method
  • Adjusted state borders in the map
  • New retro background
  • New state flag images (adjusted to election year, since some flags are ahead of 1972)
  • New individual endorsements (including candidates)
  • Frank Sinatra is re-added as Humphrey’s surrogate

Four years ago, Robert F. Kennedy was elected as President of the United States, elevating him to the White House once again since he was appointed as Attorney General by his late brother and former President John F. Kennedy. Since then, the Universal Health Care was passed by Congress, the civil and voting rights were strengthened, and there is somewhat of a period of detente as the 1970s entered. However, there are still challenges against his administration, as the Vietnam War still continues with a possibility of a collapse on the Paris Peace Talks, and may potentially lead to a North Vietnamese offensive and eventually the collapse of South Vietnam. Back home, the ERA still needs to be decided by the Congress and the US states, and the period of racial tensions in the 60s still plagues up to this day, even moreso with the public opinion of the Vietnam War and RFK’s handlings of the war. On the up side, however, whether Kennedy runs for re-election or not, continuing internal divisions within the Republicans from the left and right caused a primary field of various right-wing and center-left candidates, from Reagan to Romney, and the Democrats may seem to be united for Kennedy’s re-nomination, that is if his economic policies work for this year. Chances of his re-election are high, as long as there are no hiccups in the economy. Can New Camelot solidify his legacy for four more years, or have the people had enough

The following are images of the campaign scenario.

  • Recommendations before playing:
  • Do not add third party candidates (AIP, other candidates) in primaries as it will completely crash the game.
  • Do not switch back to General Election. For some reason, an error is produced and the game gets confused at what to do. Go back to “Change Campaign” and re-select this scenario.
  • If you are playing with a candidate that have the percentage bonuses completely rolled out (RFK, Sanford, Dem Wallace, Reagan) against a candidate with an incomplete percentage bonuses, it is NOT recommended to play with either of the candidates, especially the fact that the percentage bonus update is yet to be completed. For example, RFK v. Romney may be playable, sure, but the results will always show a Kennedy landslide victory, regardless of how many times you play/simulate it. The same goes for Reagan, Wallace, and Sanford. This recommendation will only be temporary.
  • And voila! You have a completely playable 1972 RFK mod. Enjoy.

Can you take back New Camelot into White House? Or prevent him from being President for four more years? The field is yours!

Download here!

2019 – Ukrainian presidential election (First Round)

The 2019 Ukrainian presidential election will be held on 31 March and if needed on the 21 April in a two-round system. There are a total of 39 candidates for the election on the ballot. The 2014 annexation of Crimea by Russia and the occupation of parts of Donetsk Oblast and Luhansk Oblast is likely to prevent eligible voters from participating in the election. If no candidate receives an absolute majority of the vote, a second round will held between the top two candidates on 21 April 2019. It is expected to be between Volodymyr Zelensky, who played the role of Ukraine’s president in a popular television comedy and the incumbent president, Petro Poroshenko.

This scenario has been built in President Infinity Classic as the editor is still under development in PI2020. It will most likely work in PI2020 but I may need to patch it if it doesn’t.

2020 US Election – Clinton Refrendum (Hillary wins 2016)

Compatible with 3.1.1

This is an alternate-history campaign.

Hillary Clinton defeated Donald Trump in a closer-than-expected race, in 2016. The race came down to razor-thin margins in Pennsylvania and Michigan. Following their defeat, many Republicans attempted a purge of “Trumpism”. Clinton’s presidency has been marked by partisan divide, and disillusionment with politics. The Democratic Party faced record breaking defeats in the 2018-midterms, with the Republican gain the House being stronger then their performance even in 2010. Purportedly, Clinton started her re-election campaign before the 2018-midterms, and has prepared for a long, and tough battle. Many Republicans have clamored at the prospects of defeating Clinton, but the field is wide and divided – Can Clinton defeat the divided Republican Party or will they find a candidate who can defeat her?

^ (Alternate 2016 map


2020 US Election – Hillary Referendum . zip

2020 US Election – Hillary Referendum . zip (mirror)

Republican Candidates:

Ted Cruz

Marco Rubio

John Kasich

Nikki Haley

Rand Paul

Chris Christie

Larry Hogan

Brian Sandoval

Democratic Candidates:

Hillary Clinton

Tulsi Gabbard (undecided)

General Election Screenshot:

Republican Primary Screenshot:

1988+ – United States – After Reagan

Compatible with 3.1.1

*Note: This version of the 1988 campaign is substantially updated. Changes include adding unique flavor, via actual events for each candidate in the general/primary election, new HD portraits, new issues, adding missing/alt-history candidates, and adding a full, working and accurate primary on both sides, with the correct turnout for each primary/caucus.

The 1988 campaign featured an open contest on both the Republican and Democratic sides, as Republican Pres. Ronald Reagan was entering the last year of his second term. Numerous contenders on the Democratic side entered the race. Commentators referred derisively to them as “The Seven Dwarfs.” They included former Arizona Gov. Bruce Babbitt, Delaware Sen. Joe Biden, Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis, Missouri Rep. Richard Gephardt, Tennessee Sen. Al Gore, civil rights leader Jesse Jackson, Illinois Sen. Paul Simon and the disgraced, “Eight Dwarf” former frontrunner, former senator Gary Hart of Colorado, who dropped out because of a sex scandal, reentered the race and then entered electoral obscurity. Two candidates who were somewhat more inspiring had decided not to run: Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy; and New York Gov. Mario Cuomo, who simply declined to run. The Republicans, seeking a candidate who could match the stature and electability of Reagan, were similarly at a loss. The nominal front-runner, George Bush, suffered from a reputation as a “wimp” who in 22 years of public life—as a former representative, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, director of the Central Intelligence Agency, and, for more than seven years, Reagan’s vice president—had failed to distinguish himself as anything more than a docile instrument of someone else’s policy. There were three interesting Republican alternatives: Bob Dole of Kansas, the Senate minority leader, who was respected for his wit and intelligence though considered by some to be overly acerbic; former New York representative Jack Kemp, revered among many conservatives as Reagan’s true ideological heir; and the Rev. Pat Robertson, a popular televangelist. None of the three, however, made it through the primary season. With the Reagan era drawing to a close, the wide open race has top names both sides of the political spectrum running for the top job. Liberal and Conservative Reverends, Hawks and Doves in both parties, which way will America turn?


1988+ (zip) (link to mediafire)


Democratic Primary:

Republican Primary:

General Election:


2020 US Election – Rubio Referendum (Rubio wins 2016)

*Inspired by “Conservative Elector 2″‘s “USA – 2020 (President Rubio)” mod*

Compatible with 3.1.1

This is an alternate-history campaign.

Republican, and then Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio won in 2016, in a contested and tight election against Hillary Clinton. Both Rubio and Clinton faced divisive primaries, with Donald Trump, and Bernie Sanders respectively representing the growing populist agenda of the American electorate. The Democratic Party has seemingly broken out into civil war, not seen since 1968. Many Sanders supporters see the Democratic Primaries in 2016 as plainly unfair, and resentment has been rising. Can Sanders himself win the Democratic Party, or will the moderate wing of the party, weakened by the retirement of Biden following a series of strokes, be able to defeat him? – Regardless, Rubio has been a popular President with his base, as well as being the youngest Republican President since Teddy Roosevelt. Rubio will be well positioned for a re-match, but growing divisiveness, and the surge of Covid-19 will make for a tight, and intense election.

Republican Candidates:

Marco Rubio

Donald Trump (alternate, turned off on default)

Democratic Candidates:

Bernie Sanders

Andrew Cuomo

Sherrod Brown

Elizabeth Warren

John Bel Edwards

Mike Bloomberg

Amy Klobuchar

Cory Booker

Jay Inslee

Brian Schweitzer

Wayne Messam (turned off on default for balance)

General Election Screenshot:

Democratic Primary Screenshot:

1996 US Election – Reform Referendum (Perot Wins ’92)

Compatible with 3.1.1

This is an alternate-history campaign.

Ross Perot came to power in the most unique situation, of any President in the 20th century. Perot won as a independent candidate in 1992, but since then has formed a national party, calling the the “Reform Party”. Perot initially had very high approval rating, but since then has slumped in popularity after, despite his promises, the country fell into legislative gridlock. Despite this Perot was able to reject NAFTA, and begin the phase of withdrawing American forces in Europe. Perot initially said he only wanted one-term, but in coming months has made more and more overtures about running for another term. Can Perot win a second term? And who will the Democrats nominate after a close 2nd place finish in 1992, can they win? Will the Republicans be further humilated after a third-place finish in 1992?

1992 US Election

Reform Candidates:

Ross Perot

Democratic Candidates:

Al Gore

Mario Cuomo

Jerry Brown

Evan Bayr

Lloyd Bentsen

Jay Rockefeller

Bill Clinton (alternate, turned off on default)

Republican Candidates:

Pat Buchanan

Lamar Alexander

Dan Quayle

Steve Forbes

Phil Gramm

Bill Weld

Bob Dornham

Alan Keyes

General Election Screenshot

Democratic Primary Screenshot:

Republican Primary Screenshot:

2024 US Election – Making America Great Again, Again, Again (Biden wins in 2020)

(This is 2024 campaign, set in our own timeline, where Biden wins in 2020.)

Compatible with 3.1.1

The 2024 Election is set to be another deeply divisive election. President Joe Biden, despite earlier looking like he was going to enter the race, has decided not to run. The Democratic Field is occupied by many, but most notably Vice President Kamala Harris, and the ambitious Pete Buttigieg. Who can win? – The Republican field is much more simple, the President before Biden, Donald Trump refuses to accept the results of even the 2020 election, and is ready to “win for a third time”, facing a field including his own Former Vice President, Mike Pence. Can Trump win the primary, and ultimately win his second-term? Also in the fray, is independent candidate, and ex-Republican, John Kasich running a “moderate-conservative” campaign, can he prevent Trump in cementing his role as conservative leader? Who will win? You decide.

Democratic Nominees:

Kamala Harris

Pete Buttigeg

Beto O’Rourke

Raphael Warnock

John Fetterman

Mike Bloomberg

Republican Nominees:

Donald Trump

Mike Pence

Ted Cruz

Nikki Haley

Chris Sununu

General Election Screenshot:

Democratic Primary Screenshot:

Republican Primary Screenshot:

United States – 2024 – (Biden Wins 2020) . zip: below

download link: