France 2012

After a tough first term, President Nicolas Sarkozy enters the upcoming election with significantly damaged political capital. With the economy faltering, unemployment high, and unpopularity soaring, Sarkozy seems to be an easy target for not only the Socialists but for a third party bid. Can Sarkozy hold onto Elysee, or will the reigns of power be given over to someone else?

France – 2012

United States – 2012

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President Forever 2008 + Primaries

Author: David Beauregard

Note: new versions will be posted as modifications are made.

United States – 2012

2012 Republican Primaries Screenshot

Description: “In 2008, Barack Obama was elected to the White House convincingly. Just four years later, he is facing a potentially difficult re-election campaign against a strengthened Republican Party. Can the weak incumbent hold on to the White House for four more years, or will the Republicans win it back? The race is wide open.”

United States – New England Secession – 2012

President Forever 2008 + Primaries

Author: Jeff Brunner


From the scenario designer: “It is the Presidential US election of 2012, when the states comprising New England field candidates for the newly formed New England Secession Party. (There actually is such a movement in existence in New England). This scenario is harder than most.”