2017 Virginia Governor Election

This is a scenario I made for the 2017 Virginia Governor Race. I decided to use the current Congressional map of Virginia as the boundaries for this scenario, since Virginia has waaaaaay too many counties and independent cities for me to deal with in one sitting (at least for the time being). This is still in the early stages (although most of the necessary features being there), and I plan to add:

  1. More endorsers
  2. More Candidates
  3. Events


2018 NY Gubernatorial

2018 NY Gubernatorial Election created using NYrepublican’s 2010 election.

05/20/18 Update – All candidates now have proper Lieutenant Governor running mates!

Candidates include –

  • Marcus Molinaro (R)
  • Marcus Molinaro (Conservative)
  • Andrew Cuomo (D)
  • Andrew Cuomo (Women’s Equality)
  • Larry Sharpe (L)
  • Howie Hawkins (G)
  • Cynthia Nixon (WFP)
  • Joseph Holland (Reform)
  • Joel Giambra (Reform)

2018 NY Gubernatorial

UPDATED – New Jersey gubernatorial 2017

Based off of “servo75” original New Jersey gubernatorial campaign, full credit for original goes to him!

New Features:

  • Added partners for all candidates
  • Updated every candidate picture
  • Added running official running mates for Murphy, Guadagno, Rorhman, Genovese, Ross, and Kaper-Dale
  • Added in official primary debates
  • Added events: Government shutdown begins, Christie on beach he closed, Government shutdown ends, Murphy’s comment rebuked
  • Added real polling data
  • Updated vote count for each county for both parties
  • Added Planned Parenthood as an endorser, leaning Democratic
  • Every county leans one way because of how they preformed in every gubernatorial election since 1997

Democratic Primaries:

  • Phil Murphy, former Ambassador to Germany
  • Raymond Lesniak, state senator
  • Jim Johnson, former Under Secretary of Treasury for Enforcement
  • John Wisniewski, state assemblyman
  • William Brennan, activist and former fire fighter
  • Mark Zinna, Tenafly Borough Council President

Republican Primaries:

  • Kim Guadagno, incumbent Lieutenant Governor of New Jersey
  • Jack Ciattarelli, state assemblyman
  • Steve Rogers, Nutley Commissioner of Public Affairs
  • Hirsh Singh, aerospace engineer and businessman
  • Josephy Rudy Rullo, businessman
  • Dana Wefer, Chairwoman of the Hoboken Housing Authority

Libertarian nominee: Peter Rorhman

Reduce Property Taxes nominee: Gina Genovese

We the People nominee: Vincent Ross

Green Party nominee: Seth Kaper-Dale

Constitution Party nominee: Matthew Riccardi

New Jersey Governor 2017


New Jersey Gubernatorial 2017

UPDATE 10-29-17: Fixed minor parties which were still using primaries
I disabled primaries. I tried fixing them using a popular primary vote but kept getting crashes, even when going back to an electoral system.  Sorry, hopefully the bug-handling improves in later versions

New Jersey Governor 2017


UPDATE 10-22-17:

  • Added more independent candidates, such as the “Lower Property Taxes” party.
  • Modified the region vote percentages for more realism (combined results from 2013, 2009, and 2005 county results
  • Fixed issues: Removed some that don’t apply and adjusted some federal issues like budget

UPDATE 6-11-17:

  • Updated with primary election winners: Lt. Gov. Gim Guadagno (R) and Phil Murphy (D)
  • Added Libertarian, Green Party and Constitution Party nominees
  • Updated electoral vote (Huntington-Hill with 225 seats using “Wyoming Rule”)
  • Updated region percentages (30% NJ13, 35% POTUS16, 35% Senate14)
  • Added issues: NJEA (Teacher Union) & Bridgegate
  • Just for fun – added Andrew Wilkow from Sirius XM as an independent candidate ­čÖé

New Jersey Governor 2017

2006 Pennsylvania Gubernatorial Election(In beta)

Just though I’d make this because it is my home state. Also Lynn Swann was in this election! It will be ready by Saturday of this week. There were only two people running however i will ad more if requested to make a primary! (as there wasn’t one) Also possibly different parties? Perhaps Libertarian,Constitution,And Socialist(For fun)

Current Republicans:Lynn Swann(A),Rick Santorum(NA)

Current Democrats:Ed Rendell(A),Bob Casey (NA)

Observation(libertarians):dont know how to make a tottaly 0% party however there only 0.8% in the polls

Challenge: Win Philadelphia on Hard as Santorum or Swann

The first file is completed i will keep in update log give suggestions! #1 thing i need to add are tons of endorsers!

Join in give me suggestions. forum link:http://www.270soft.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=12365


v1.1B changes(2/7/16)
-Added Rick Santorum as option to Republican Party
-Added Bob Casey to Democratic Party
-Added Primaries option
-Lowered Swanns Funds from 100,000,000>90,000,000
-Raised Rendells funds to from 105,000,000>115,000,000
-Changed Rendells starting primary funds from 0>500,000
-Changed Swanns Starting primary funds from 0>250,000
-Added 4 more endorsers
-Added 3 primary debates
-added 1 more general election debate
-Changes to percentages
-Deleted Libertarian Party

Pa Governor 2006 V1.1B