Senate 2018

I didn’t see any Senate 2018 scenarios, so I decided to post my own.  Comments as always are welcome!

UPDATE 7-7-17

Fixed error “Observer” should not be on any ballots
Added Libertarian Party
New candidate: Austin Petersen (MO-1)
Assumptions are Sanders (I-VT) and King (I-ME) will continue as independents
Michael Eisen is challenging Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) as an independent
Every party that does not have a declared candidate in that state was taken off-ballot
Updated region percentages:
30% “Expert” total: Cook/Sabato/etc.
20% Statewide Cook PVI index
30% 2012 result
20% 2014/16 opposite-seat resu

My Senate 2018

2 thoughts on “Senate 2018”

  1. Sure I’ll update it but I’m not aware of any 2018 polls yet. I believe I used a combination of 2016 Senate results, 2014 Senate results, and 2016 President results.

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