United States 2020 – Romney Term Limited

The Sequel to the United States 2016 – President Romney scenario…

United States – 2020 – Romney Term Limited

After eight years in power, the Republican Party must now wave goodbye to Mitt Romney. Despite a growing and strong economy and a balanced budget for the first time in twenty years, the GOP may be facing a tough election due to intensifying international issues in Russia, Korea, and the Middle East. Can the Democratic Party, reenergized and alive, recapture the White House after eight years on the outside?


United States 2016 – President Romney (Full Edition)

United States – 2016 – President Romney (Full Edition)









After winning the White House in 2012, President Mitt Romney has overseen a considerable improvement in the US economy and budget. However, with the European Union hanging on by a thread, Israel and Iran poised for war, and NATO allies pulling out of Afghanistan, victory in 2016 may be a challenge for Romney. Can the Republicans hang on to 1600 Pennslyvania Avenue? Or will the determined Democrats reclaim the Executive Branch?


United States 1948

After the shocking death of FDR, Harry Truman rose to the Presidency and brought about the end of WWII. However, the expansion of Soviet influence, a flagging economy, and costly rebuilding efforts have dragged down Truman’s popularity. Will the Democrats go for a historic 4th term in the White House with Truman as their candidate? Can Thomas Dewey and the Republicans live up to overwhelming expectations? Can the Progressives and Dixiecrats put up strong showings? You decide!

Honorable Mention for those who assisted in the creation of this scenario: Patine, Elliot, Scott M, LumineVonReunental, Lahbas and many other members of the 270soft Forum.

United States – 1948

France 2012

After a tough first term, President Nicolas Sarkozy enters the upcoming election with significantly damaged political capital. With the economy faltering, unemployment high, and unpopularity soaring, Sarkozy seems to be an easy target for not only the Socialists but for a third party bid. Can Sarkozy hold onto Elysee, or will the reigns of power be given over to someone else?

France – 2012