2006 Pennsylvania Gubernatorial Election(In beta)

Just though I’d make this because it is my home state. Also Lynn Swann was in this election! It will be ready by Saturday of this week. There were only two people running however i will ad more if requested to make a primary! (as there wasn’t one) Also possibly different parties? Perhaps Libertarian,Constitution,And Socialist(For fun)

Current Republicans:Lynn Swann(A),Rick Santorum(NA)

Current Democrats:Ed Rendell(A),Bob Casey (NA)

Observation(libertarians):dont know how to make a tottaly 0% party however there only 0.8% in the polls

Challenge: Win Philadelphia on Hard as Santorum or Swann

The first file is completed i will keep in update log give suggestions! #1 thing i need to add are tons of endorsers!

Join in give me suggestions. forum link:http://www.270soft.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=12365


v1.1B changes(2/7/16)
-Added Rick Santorum as option to Republican Party
-Added Bob Casey to Democratic Party
-Added Primaries option
-Lowered Swanns Funds from 100,000,000>90,000,000
-Raised Rendells funds to from 105,000,000>115,000,000
-Changed Rendells starting primary funds from 0>500,000
-Changed Swanns Starting primary funds from 0>250,000
-Added 4 more endorsers
-Added 3 primary debates
-added 1 more general election debate
-Changes to percentages
-Deleted Libertarian Party

Pa Governor 2006 V1.1B


6 thoughts on “2006 Pennsylvania Gubernatorial Election(In beta)”

  1. I would suggest for a fun Primary idea, if this is 2006, why not add Rick Santorum in the Republican field?

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