UK 1964

For Prime Minister Infinity British 2017

The recession during the second half of 1961, Conservative Prime Minister Harold Macmillan’s sacking of seven cabinet members (The Night of the Long Knives, 13th July 1962), and the Profumo affair breaking in 1963 (the Secretary of State for War and MP for Stratford-on-Avon John Profumo having an affair with Christine Keeler who was also having an affair with a Soviet diplomat) have affected the governments’ popularity although this has recovered recently due to Reginald Maudling’s Dash For Growth budget. With the resignation of Macmillan due to a mistaken cancer diagnosis and Hugh Gaitskell’s death both Labour and the Conservatives have new leaders, but the Liberals are still led by Jo Grimond, in the first British general election of the 1960’s.

UK 1964

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Election 1964 – A Country in Disarray


The year is 1964. Kennedy has been killed and Lyndon Johnson is President. America is grieving and LBJ is offering new political reforms.LBJ seems unstoppable.

However, Johnson liberal stance on civil rights has illicited a challenge from within his party by George Wallace. Further, some Republicans seek to capitalize on Johnson’s Civil Rights stance. However, the Republican Party is divided between the conservative and liberal wing. Can the Republican Party unite to defeat Johnson? Or will you as Johnson crush the Republicans?

This election has many what if scenarios:

What if JFK lived and ran for a second term?

What if Bobby Kennedy challenged LBJ?

What if Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, George Romney, Milton Eisenhower, Thomas Dewey, General J. Lawton Collins, or for fun John Wayne ran in the Republican primary?


United States – 1964 – A Country in Disarray

United States 1964 – A Time For Choosing

After the tragic assassination of beloved President John F. Kennedy, VP LBJ finds himself at the helm. Fortunately for Johnson, the Republicans look poised to nominate Barry Goldwater, a firebrand Senator from Arizona known for his very conservative views and frequent foot-in-mouth coments. But could a primary challenge from the more charismatic, better known former actor Ronald Reagan improve Republican chances?

United States – 1964 – A Time For Choosing