UK 1964

For Prime Minister Infinity British 2017

The recession during the second half of 1961, Conservative Prime Minister Harold Macmillan’s sacking of seven cabinet members (The Night of the Long Knives, 13th July 1962), and the Profumo affair breaking in 1963 (the Secretary of State for War and MP for Stratford-on-Avon John Profumo having an affair with Christine Keeler who was also having an affair with a Soviet diplomat) have affected the governments’ popularity although this has recovered recently due to Reginald Maudling’s Dash For Growth budget. With the resignation of Macmillan due to a mistaken cancer diagnosis and Hugh Gaitskell’s death both Labour and the Conservatives have new leaders, but the Liberals are still led by Jo Grimond, in the first British general election of the 1960’s.

UK 1964

Daons has a version with the default map and one with the default background of the map I made.

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Been playing these games since 2010 (starting with Prime Minister Forever British).

4 thoughts on “UK 1964”

  1. Interesting, never seen a map like this, its different certainly. I do find a bit of bug with the endorsements as Home gets too much of lead and actually wins a bunch of endorsements and that makes me as Wilsson get negatvie popularity HQ. Also could you add Brown as a leader to be alternative leader to do a bit of what if history

  2. I’ll add Brown. I’ll see if adjusting endorsements will help (there’s always a problem with them like a non- NI party getting endorsed by The Irish News and such). Originally I had the various regional papers as well but there was the issue of Home getting too much momentum. Even taking all of them out hasn’t helped.

    Edit: Updated.

  3. I’ve done a personal mod of this just to give the map the official background which I can upload if you wish?


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