Election 1964 – A Country in Disarray


The year is 1964. Kennedy has been killed and Lyndon Johnson is President. America is grieving and LBJ is offering new political reforms.LBJ seems unstoppable.

However, Johnson liberal stance on civil rights has illicited a challenge from within his party by George Wallace. Further, some Republicans seek to capitalize on Johnson’s Civil Rights stance. However, the Republican Party is divided between the conservative and liberal wing. Can the Republican Party unite to defeat Johnson? Or will you as Johnson crush the Republicans?

This election has many what if scenarios:

What if JFK lived and ran for a second term?

What if Bobby Kennedy challenged LBJ?

What if Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, George Romney, Milton Eisenhower, Thomas Dewey, General J. Lawton Collins, or for fun John Wayne ran in the Republican primary?


United States – 1964 – A Country in Disarray

12 thoughts on “Election 1964 – A Country in Disarray”

  1. I used the official 68 scenario only. A friend of mine originally started the scenario. He gave it to me in February and just finally finished it!

  2. Will be doing 1976 soon.
    Small teaser for 1976:
    Spiro Agnew will be an off candidate
    Can you achieve his redemption?

  3. Great game play. Couldn’t quick defeat Goldwater as John Wayne but came within 25 delegates. Can’t wait for 1976

  4. I’m proud to announce I still am working on 1976. I’ve been very busy with other things. However, I’m excited to announce that 1976 will be released by this Friday.

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