2016 – United States presidential election in New Hampshire – Beta version

The State of New Hampshire provided one of the closest races in the 2016 election with Hillary Clinton narrowly defeating Donald Trump. The results in Pennsylvania and Michigan meant that New Hampshire wasn’t as pivotal as it could have been.

Here you have an opportunity to battle 2016 out in New Hampshire;

Beta version – New Features;

Primaries for the GOP, Dems, Libertarian and Green (Delegate numbers are x10 from real life so the numbers provide more competition across the 10 counties, (GOP = 230 rather than only 23 across 10 counties.)

Endorsers – Newspaper interviewers added as endorsers. For those papers who endorsed candidates in more than one party these have been set as ‘Centre’. GOP or DEM only are set respectively as centre-right or centre-left. The Governor, Senators and Representatives have been added also.

The GOP seem overpowered when starting from the Primaries (I think is has something to do with the number of candidates in each primary, 8 GOP vs 2 DEM). For better results enabling more Democrats is a good idea. In order to counter the GOP bias issue, I have made all counties adhere to the default 2016 scenario for NH.

Feel free to suggest improvements and ways to counter the overpowered GOP.

2016 – United States presidential election in New Hampshire (Alpha version)

2016 – United States presidential election in New Hampshire (Beta version)

13 thoughts on “2016 – United States presidential election in New Hampshire – Beta version”

  1. I’ll have a look at this over the next few days and I might be able to get it working by Sunday/Monday. 🙂

  2. Maybe add the newspapers that you have as interviewers as endorsers for each town or county
    also, great job!!!!!!!

  3. @Nick, @Bob

    Thanks, good idea regarding the newspapers, am working on these and few other endorsers/features but I have done the primaries so I should have a new release in a few days if I don’t encounter bugs etc.

  4. @NYrepublican

    Have you got an error message and is it only with a particular candidate? I have tries a few combinations and haven’t seen anything.

  5. I only had the default candidates enabled for the Dems and the Reps. I was playing as the head of the FEC.

  6. Nice job! Two suggestions: add more endorsers such as former senators, governors, and attorney generals. Also, it would be great if you fixed the delegate system so that: The statewide percentages of the entire state for each candidate reflects their statewide delegates, not county percentages and delegates. Thanks, hope this helps.

  7. I don’t think it is possible at the moment to have statewide PR for delegates, if we can I’d love to know how to enable it. I’ll definitely have a look at adding more endorsers which would be pretty straight forward but I am very unlikely to go down to the state reps/ senators given there are over 400 of them :).

  8. Ok, cool. Also, I think it would be really cool if you created a version like this but for the South Carolina Primary that comes right after this. Is this something you are working on?

  9. I can have a crack at it but it will take a bit of time as there are a lot of counties to configure. It will be on my list and it may also be able to coincide with the next PI release and the negotiations planned.


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