UK 1964 (Modded maps)

I have done a quick mod of this scenario to edit the map to have the default background

1964 – United Kingdom – Map mod

There is now a second version which uses the default map and regions

1964 – United Kingdom (Default map)

I’ve done an update to this 1964 scenario adding Hugh Gaitskill (LAB), Rab Butler (CON) and Jeremy Thorpe (LIB).

I had to leave Jeremy Thorpe’s platform to the default Liberal party as I haven’t been able to find definite policy positions for 1964.

1964 – United Kingdom (Default map) v.2

If this is a copyright breach, just let me know & I’ll remove.

8 thoughts on “UK 1964 (Modded maps)”

  1. I can have a go at this, the constituencies may not be perfectly accurate geographically but they will be as close as possible

  2. Could you perhaps add alternative routes such as Rab Butler as Tory leader or Hugh Gateskill as Labour leader?

  3. I’ll have a go but it may be tricky for some politicians as to how much info I can find on them.

  4. So I just played this scenario and ran the Tory Campaign. Always had an interest in Sir Alec. In the end, I WON defeating Harold Wilson. I ended up with 45% and 327 seats (counting the 1 Independent which was the Speaker). Wilson ended up with 42% and 292 seats. Jo Grimond actually got 11 seats (2 more than in actuality) and 12%. I had made Commonwealth, Housing, and the Common Market. It was very enjoyable.

    I wish someone would do the 1966, 2001, and some of the other campaigns.

    ALSO will someone do the Leadership Battles like the ones in PM Forever for PM Infinity?

    Maybe taking my win with Douglas-Home you could do a 1966 version of a Tory win in 1966. Would Wilson have remained as leader or would George Brown or Jim Callaghan toppled Wilson had he lost the 1964 election.

    Just some ideas. But YES I loved your improvements.

    Next goal is to get Kinnock elected in 1992 and/or forcing a coalition with Paddy Ashdown in 1997. Paddy Ashdown will forever be my favorite UK politico, FYI!

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