United States – 2012

[Update: v. 1.3. See here for version information.]

President Forever 2008 + Primaries

Author: David Beauregard

Note: new versions will be posted as modifications are made.

United States – 2012

2012 Republican Primaries Screenshot

Description: “In 2008, Barack Obama was elected to the White House convincingly. Just four years later, he is facing a potentially difficult re-election campaign against a strengthened Republican Party. Can the weak incumbent hold on to the White House for four more years, or will the Republicans win it back? The race is wide open.”

7 thoughts on “United States – 2012”

  1. Buddy you should put the Joe Arpaio on endorsements
    i dont known i kind of think he’s Far Right on platform but good job on the senario though

  2. I think the actually election night/results bit could do with a slight change. As in the real world, it should have the ‘reversing our call’ messages and more realistic results coverage…apart from that great game!

  3. Obama is too strong. Unless I have 1 billion dollars I cannot defeat him with any other candidate. If I run against Obama with 1 billion he looses with 40%.. CERO realistic.

    Always the Same results. Imposible to make a 49%-49% scenario, they are only two possibilities, Obama winning with 54%+- or losing with 40%+-. No other percentajes. The game has no alternate endings.

  4. @Scott, thanks for the feedback – the election night structure is part of the game engine, not the scenario, but suggestion noted.

  5. @Kevin,

    This is a scenario for President Forever 2008, that allows customers to play 2012. You should be able to download the most recent version of it by clicking the ‘United States – 2012’ link above.

    It is separate from President Forever 2012 Alpha, which is currently in v. 1.0.7. For the latest information on that, see the blog at http://270soft.com/blog/ or the version info page at http://270soft.com/updates-redownloads/president-forever-2012-version-information/ .

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