United States – President Obama – 2012

President Forever 2008 + Primaries

Author: Chip Peterson


From the scenario designer: “I have created a new scenario for the 2012 reelection of President Obama (I’m creating Presdent McCain next and then President Clinton). Here it is.”

4 thoughts on “United States – President Obama – 2012”

  1. Haven’t played it yet. But, to let you know, I’m pretty sure Ron Paul is a Republican (not a Libertarian).

  2. Though technically a member of the Republican party, Paul is a libertarian by philosophy and has run for president for their party in the past. It’s not unthinkable that he would do so again.

  3. But…that doesn’t change the fact that he’s, in actuality, (not…”technically”) a member of the Republican party…

    That’s like saying Bernie Sanders is a Democrat…which, for all intents and purposes, he is…but he clearly runs as an independent.

  4. one thing you’ve have to change your electoral map
    and the Economy is a fragile one and FL has 29 electoral Votes and after 2010 Census the Electoral Collage Map has Changed we will have the 45th President if it is Romney Pawlenty 2012 well see

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