Decision 3012: The Choosening

Hello! This is my first scenario, and instead of possibly doing historical scenarios, I think they’ve been done to death. So I will present the scenario that is drawn from an episode of “Futurama“, Season 7 Episode 3.


  • Sen. Chris Travers
  • Mr. Unknown Greenland
  • Rep. Darcy Richardson
  • Rep. J. J. Evans
  • Rep. Randall Terry
  • Gov. Sarah Palin
  • Mr. John Jackson


  • Pres. Richard Nixon
  • Vice President Agnew
  • Mr. Jack Johnson

Third Parties

  • Theodore Roosevelt’s Head for the Space Bull Moose Party
  • Hermes Conrad for the Brain Slug Party

Version 1.2 is Live


  • Added Space Bull Moose Party with Teddy Roosevelt’s head as its leader
  • Added Brain Slug Party with Hermes Conrad as its leader
  • Added an inset of Europe
  • Added Space Bull Moose Party
  • Added Brain Slug Party
  • Turanga Leela and Philip J. Fry are now surrogates for Chris Travers
  • Spiro Agnew and Bender Rodriguez are now surrogates for Richard Nixon
  • More poll balancing.
  • lowered Nixon’s charisma, debating, and leadership
  • Travers’ home state is now Hawaii
  • Added new regions
    • Skyrim
    • R’lyeh
    • Hawaii
    • Atlanta
    • Belarus
    • Bulgaria
    • Muontana
    • eHio
    • iOwa

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