Georgia Gubernatorial 2018/Senatorial 2020

Hi y’all, I’ve spent some time learning from my Illinois one and other people on the site, and now I grandly reveal my new creation: Georgia Gubernatorial 2018/Senatorial 2020. I had heard you all wanted it done somewhere, but here it is to play. Let me know if there’s anything I can/should improve.

Primaries end in convention on May 22 that is proportional to each county’s partisan primary raw vote numbers. 


Stacey Abrams, Former House Minority Leader and 2018 Gubernatorial nominee

Teresa Tomlinson, Mayor of Columbus and 2020 Senate candidate

Ted Terry, Mayor of Clarkston and 2020 Senate candidate

Sanford Bishop, incumbent Representative from GA-02

Hank Johnson, incumbent Representative from GA-04

John Lewis, incumbent Representative from GA-05

Lucy McBath, incumbent Representative from GA-06

Jim Marshall, former Representative from GA-08

John Barrow, former Representative from GA-12

David Scott, incumbent Representative from GA-13

Stacey Evans, former State Representative

Jason Carter, former State Senator and grandson of President Jimmy Carter

Michelle Nunn, philanthropist and daughter of US Senator Sam Nunn

Sally Yates, former Acting Attorney General

Jon Ossoff, documentary filmmaker, 2017 GA-06 special nominee, 2020 Senate candidate

Sarah Riggs Amico, 2018 LG nominee


Brian Kemp, incumbent Governor and Former SOS

Casey Cagle, former LG

Sonny Perdue, current US Sec of Agriculture and former Gov

David Perdue, incumbent US senator

Johnny Isakson, incumbent US senator

Buddy Carter, incumbent Representative from GA-01

Drew Ferguson, incumbent Representative from GA-03

Karen Handel, former SOS and former Representative from GA-06

Rob Woodall, incumbent Representative from GA-07

Austin Scott, incumbent Representative from GA-08

Doug Collins, incumbent Representative from GA-09

Jody Hice, incumbent Representative from GA-10

Barry Loudermilk, incumbent Representative from GA-11

Rick Allen, incumbent Representative from GA-12

Tom Graves, incumbent Representative from GA-14


Ted Metz

Doug Craig

16 thoughts on “Georgia Gubernatorial 2018/Senatorial 2020”

  1. It should work. Can you post screenshots? When I download it from the website it works fine for me.

  2. Not to my knowledge, no. This map was made in a previous deck of maps and was rotated already. I would have to transform all of the coordinates if the map was rotated, and also the counties would get too close together.

  3. I tried downloading it on a Mac in my school and it worked without any problems, but on my Windows PC at home, it says “Path format is not supported.” I don’t understand because your Illinois scenario works. Did you create the Illinois one on Windows or Mac?

  4. All my scenarios are made on my personal Mac. So I don’t know what the problem is. Maybe Anthony can fix it.

  5. If your computer does not accept colons in folder names. Change the name of the folder and try again.

  6. I wish someone could change the map, I live in GA and I can fix it if someone tells me how to do it.

  7. Also add
    Republicans: Kelly Loeffler, Derrick Grayson, Michael Jowers, James Jackson, Ervan Katari Miller, Annette Davis Jackson, Kandiss Taylor, Wayne Taylor, Marjorie Taylor Greene (for the shivers), Hunter Hill, Clay Tippins, Michael Williams, Marc Allan Urbach, Nick Ayers, Burt Jones, Josh McKoon, Tom Price, David Ralston, Lynn Westmoreland, Ashley Bell, Paul Broun, Geoff Duncan, Stuart Frohlinger, Scott Hilton, Jan Jones, Butch Miller, B.J. Pak
    Democrats: Raphael Warnock, Maya Dillard Smith, James Knox, Marckeith DeJesus, Tricia Carpenter McCracken, Deborah Jackson, Matt Lieberman, Tamara Johnson-Shealey, Jamesia James, Joy Felicia Slade, Richard Dien Winfield, Ed Tarver, Sherry Boston, Akhenaton Amun, Harold Shouse, Ted Terry, Elaine Wigham Williams, Jen Jordan, Mike Thurmond, Nikema Williams
    Libertarians: Shane T. Hazel, Brian Slowinski
    Green: John Fortuin, Cynthia McKinney (What-if, also, she’s pretty crazy)
    Independents: Allen Buckley, Al Bartell, Valencia Stovall, Michael Todd Greene, Rod Mack

  8. Also, the VP option may have to be enabled or else errors may pop up when the convention occurs.

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