1980 US Election

1980 US Election

This scenario is an updated/improved version of the 1980 scenario that comes with the President Infinity game. It was created by the Historical Scenario Commission on November 5, 2017. It can be downloaded here: United States – 1980 – VCCzar with endorsers

This scenario boasts more events, and includes the US Senators for every state. Additionally, the candidates have been adjusted for closer realism. A simulation party has been added so that you can “watch” the election. Other tweaks have also been made.

Feedback is desired.

7 thoughts on “1980 US Election”

  1. @NYRepublican
    Thanks. I’ll make these changes on the “final” update. I realized the issue with the Simulation Party a few days after having uploaded it. I think the National Unity party might be off because the default is the primaries, and the party didn’t exist until later.

  2. John Rarick (Alabama Conservative/American Independent)
    Ed Clark (Libertarian)
    Barry Commoner (Independent/Citizens)

  3. You should add Edmund Muskie to the Democratic Party, there was an attempt to draft him that year.

  4. Before Ted Kennedy decided to run, Micheal Harrington was floated as a possible candidate to challenge Carter from the left by the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee, and Harrington himself was said to be enthusiastic about running. You might want to consider adding him.

  5. Based on his being mentioned as a possibility during NBC’s coverage of the 1978 midterm elections, I think a good case could be made for adding Illinois Governor James “Big Jim” Thompson as a “what-if” candidate for the Republicans in 1980.

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