1972 US Presidential Election (VCCzar Version)

1972 US Presidential Election (VCCzar Version)

This election is an expanded/updated version of an existing 1972 election, which has been created by the Historical Scenario Commission. It can be downloaded here: United States – 1972 v.1.0

This scenario includes the historic candidates, as well as several what-if candidates.

6 thoughts on “1972 US Presidential Election (VCCzar Version)”

  1. I’ve only been through this with the simulation player, but election night finishes before Alaska starts counting – only issue I can see though.

  2. @Will Goddard
    Thanks for reporting this. I’ll see if I can fix this error when I get to it during this last round of updates. It may be a few months since I’m starting with 1788.

  3. Won the Democratic Primary as George Wallace good a boast in South/Mid West after the convention and then a boast in the North East after Nixons Convention and his picking of Reagan as VP and briefly led California, Nixon had negative votes in the polls and for example won only a few thousand in New York. In the end I won 94% of the vote and won every state in the South,North East,Midwest and only lost the West. So I agree Wallace should get a large boast but need to make sure the GOP is still competitive, likewise in South Dakota which was close due to Mcgovern on the eve I only got a few percent.

  4. I’ve run into a major issue with this scenario. When I start the game in the general election, the republican candidates (other than Nixon) are extremely under powered. I have frequently seen them get just 30% or less nationally. It’s really weird.

  5. i guess that it’s a pretty farfetched request, but i want to make an election themed after the timeline of Fear Loathing and Gumbo, but i need John J McKeithen to do that, will it be possible for you to add him as a what-if candidate?

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