1968 US Presidential Election (VCCzar version)

1968 US Presidential Election (VCCzar version)

This election is an expanded/updated version of the 1968 election that comes with the game. The Historical Scenario Commission created it on October 15, 2017. It can be downloaded here: United States – 1968 – v. 1.0

The scenario includes the actual candidates for this historic election, as well as what-if candidates.

6 thoughts on “1968 US Presidential Election (VCCzar version)”

  1. For some reason any time I try to play it I get an error message saying “” is not a valid integer.” Am I the only one getting this?

  2. Hello Nulla Lex Ink, you certainly aren’t the only one getting that error message. I’m getting it too.

  3. Some people wanted Martin Luther King Jr. to run (with some people pressing Benjamin Spock to be King’s running mate).

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