1988 Version 1

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United States – 1988_V2

The 1988 campaign featured an open contest on both the Republican and Democratic sides, as Republican Pres. Ronald Reagan was entering the last year of his second term. Numerous contenders on the Democratic side entered the race. Commentators referred derisively to them as “The Seven Dwarfs.” They included former Arizona Gov. Bruce Babbitt, Delaware Sen. Joe Biden, Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis, Missouri Rep. Richard Gephardt, Tennessee Sen. Al Gore, civil rights leader Jesse Jackson, and Illinois Sen. Paul Simon. Three candidates who were somewhat more inspiring had decided not to run: former senator Gary Hart of Colorado, who dropped out because of a sex scandal, reentered the race and then dropped out for good; Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy; and New York Gov. Mario Cuomo, who simply declined to run. The Republicans, seeking a candidate who could match the stature and electability of Reagan, were similarly at a loss. The nominal front-runner, George Bush, suffered from a reputation as a “wimp” who in 22 years of public life—as a former representative, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, director of the Central Intelligence Agency, and, for more than seven years, Reagan’s vice president—had failed to distinguish himself as anything more than a docile instrument of someone else’s policy. There were three interesting Republican alternatives: Bob Dole of Kansas, the Senate minority leader, who was respected for his wit and intelligence though considered by some to be overly acerbic; former New York representative Jack Kemp, revered among many conservatives as Reagan’s true ideological heir; and the Rev. Pat Robertson, a popular televangelist. None of the three, however, made it through the primary season. With the Reagan era drawing to a close, the wide open race has top names both sides of the political spectrum running for the top job. Liberal and Conservative Reverends, Hawks and Doves in both parties, which way will America turn?

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United States – 1988

United States – 1988

13 thoughts on “1988 Version 1”

  1. The issue of AIDS has the Government Spending/Deficit Spending issue descriptions. I’d also recommend adding Geraldine Ferraro as a what-if candidate for the Democrats.

  2. Just wanted to say that Delaware on the US map doesn’t have very good click detection. You have to click directly on the state to look at it instead of clicking on the initials.

  3. Everytime I try to play the scenario, I get a message that says ” ‘NAN’ is not a valid currency value”

    Any suggestions/advice on how to fix this?

  4. Same MrPrez, must be a problem with recent versions. It worked when I tried with no primary if that helps.

  5. The NAN problem can be solved if you go to the campaign editor and edit the candidate’s ids (some of them are unusual [e.g. capital letters]).

  6. John Bolton claims that Kerry had interest in running.
    Also, for the Republican Vice Presidential selection add Elizabeth Dole, William A. Armstrong, Thad Cochran, Nancy Kassebaum, Pete Domenici, Richard Lugar, Lynn Martin, John McCain, Alan K. Simpson, John Ashcroft, Carroll Campbell, Kay Orr, George Deukmejian, James R. Thompson, John H. Sununu, Richard Thornburgh, Clint Eastwood, Lee Iacocca, Sandra Day O’Connor, Peter Ueberroth, Lamar Alexander, John Danforth, Christopher Bond, Colin Powell, Jeane Kirkpatrick, William Bennett, William Ruckelshaus, and Donald Trump.
    For the Democratic Vice Presidential Selection add John Glenn, Bob Graham, Lee Hamilton, Bill Bradley, Ralph Nader, and Sam Nunn.

  7. Democrat Candidates – Bill Bradley, Sam Nunn, Chuck Robb, Dale Bumpers, David Duke
    Republican Candidates – Donald Trump, Jack Fellure

  8. How did you solve the “‘NAN’ is not a valid currency value” problem?
    I’ve removed all spaces and capital letters, but it’s still happening.

  9. Yes, I thought I had solved the problem, but, try all the surrogates, endorsers, etc. It may take time, but it may work.
    (Hey, maybe a version where the NAN problem is solved could be uploaded.

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