1988 Presidential Election

Since  hasn`t made it yet I have decided to make the 1988 Presidential election.



After one of the largest wins by President Reagan in presidential election history,can his VP George HW. Bush capitalize on a strong economy and liked president.

George HW bush isn’t the only republican running and will face challengers.

Official Candidates Republicans(on/off):

-VP George HW. Bush (on)

-Sen. min. lead. Bob Dole (on)

-Televangelist Pat Robertson (on)

-NY Rep. Jack Kemp (on)

-Fmr. MN Gov Harold E. Stassen (on)

What if? Republicans (all off)

-Pres. Ronald Reagan

-Fmr. VP Gerald Ford

-TX Rep Ron Paul

-Businessman Donald Trump

Official Candidates Democrats (on/off)

-MAS Gov Micheal Dukkakis (on)

-Rev Jesse Jackson (on)

-TN Sen Al Gore (on)

-Fmr CO Sen Gary Hart (on)

-Activist Lyndon Larouche (on)

-Fmr. LA Rep. David Duke (on)


What if? Democrats (all off)

-ARK Gov Bill Clinton

-MAS Sen Ted Kennedy

-GA Jimmy Carter

-CA Gov Jerry Brown


-TX Rep Ron Paul

-SD Russell Means

New Alliance (on)

-Mrs.Lenora Fulani

Populist (on)

-Fmr. LA Rep. David Duke (on)


-Businessman Donald Trump


United States – 1988

16 thoughts on “1988 Presidential Election”

  1. I get an error when I click on endorsement symbol ‘Bitmap size must be equal in copy operation’
    Also Jack Kemp as Bushes Bio

  2. Thank you Milo I also missed the Republican Trump`s surrogate and accidentally gave him Betty Ford. I don`t know how to fix the endorsers problem but if you click on one of the states instead of the national view you can eventually get to it.

  3. I’ve seen it before in the past it managed to get fixed i suggest messaging Anthony or some of the other modders who might have had the issue in the past

  4. Bitmap error might have to do with a leader’s image that is supposed to be 32×32 not being that size.

  5. Just won as Stassen, seems good though a few suggestions, the Convention dates are wrong, theres no VP debate. I suggest a few more VP candidates as there’s not much choice.

  6. Massachusetts is super red and wv is pretty easy for bush, meanwhile cali is strong for dukakis along with maine and nh. Very historically inaccurate

  7. I’m still unclear of the answer to my question at the top – that is the legal and constitutional mechanism by which Reagan could run for a third term, even as a what-if.

  8. Patine, Just assume the 22nd Amendment got repealed, there’s lots of other scenarios where you can run with someone ineligible, its just a bit of fun and thats why he’s switched off.

  9. Whenever I try to play in the primaries I get “NaN is not a valid currency value” message

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