1988 Presidential Election

Since  hasn`t made it yet I have decided to make the 1988 Presidential election.



After one of the largest wins by President Reagan in presidential election history,can his VP George HW. Bush capitalize on a strong economy and liked president.

George HW bush isn’t the only republican running and will face challengers.

Official Candidates Republicans(on/off):

-VP George HW. Bush (on)

-Sen. min. lead. Bob Dole (on)

-Televangelist Pat Robertson (on)

-NY Rep. Jack Kemp (on)

-Fmr. MN Gov Harold E. Stassen (on)

What if? Republicans (all off)

-Pres. Ronald Reagan

-Fmr. VP Gerald Ford

-TX Rep Ron Paul

-Businessman Donald Trump

Official Candidates Democrats (on/off)

-MAS Gov Micheal Dukkakis (on)

-Rev Jesse Jackson (on)

-TN Sen Al Gore (on)

-Fmr CO Sen Gary Hart (on)

-Activist Lyndon Larouche (on)

-Fmr. LA Rep. David Duke (on)


What if? Democrats (all off)

-ARK Gov Bill Clinton

-MAS Sen Ted Kennedy

-GA Jimmy Carter

-CA Gov Jerry Brown


-TX Rep Ron Paul

-SD Russell Means

New Alliance (on)

-Mrs.Lenora Fulani

Populist (on)

-Fmr. LA Rep. David Duke (on)


-Businessman Donald Trump


United States – 1988