President Infinity 1912 Election

Note: This 1912 scenario is based on the Beta 1912 election that is part of the current game. This scenario is an improvement on the Beta. 

*This scenario was greatly updated by the Historical Scenario Commission on August 29, 2017. It can be downloaded here: United States – 1912 (VCCzar Version) v.2.0

This unusual election is composed of three major parties and one stronger minor party, all of which are Progressive on some level. The 1912 election has often been called the High Tide of the Progressive Age. William Howard Taft, the Republican incumbent, an odd mix of conservative and progressive, is seen to be less active than the people want. His disappointed mentor, former president Theodore Roosevelt, has opted to compete against his less-Progressive protege. The Democrats see an opening with the Republicans split, and see victory as nearly assured, so long as the Republicans are split. The Socialist Party sees it’s greatest support in its history.

This scenario includes What-if candidates, including former nominee William Jennings Bryan for the Democrats.

Feedback is desired.

12 thoughts on “President Infinity 1912 Election”

  1. Got this error when I clicked to continue to start the game. ” is not a valid integer value. Game doesnt start.

  2. Hi Milo,

    I just played it through without the error. Can you tell me if you played starting in the general election or primary? Also, if you turned any of the candidates that are OFF to ON or vice-versa. I can then see if I can replicate the error. Thanks for the feedback.

  3. The first time was with the primary, tried just going it with the general but the error comes up. I used just the default parties. candidates ,tried selecting human for various ones error still comes up after selecting continue on all the candidates

  4. For some reason, on May 10th I’ve been getting an error that doesn’t allow me to continue the game. For reference, I had the Republican, Democrat and Socialist parties turned on, and I was “playing” as the simulation party. All the Republican candidates were turned on, and the Democrats I had were Wilson, Clark, Harmon, Underwood and Marshall.

  5. @Milo and @Nulla,
    Thanks for letting me know. I’m going to see what’s causing these problems right this second.

  6. @Nulla

    I tried to recreate your error, but I did not get an error. I had the same candidates and parties on as you did. Hopefully, it was just a one time error.

  7. @milo
    Have you updated the game to the latest version of both the game and of President Infinity? I am using the same version of my 1912 scenario as you are and I can’t get this error to occur. I’d like to fix it, but if I can’t get the error to happen for me, then I can’t fix anything, because I don’t see anything to fix. It might be that you need to update President Infinity.

  8. Thanks vcczar I was playing on my laptop which hasn’t been updated tried on my pc and it worked and updated the game for my pc and it now works. My only complaint is the money system for example I managed to gain the endorsement of Illonsis guy as Debs , but that meant I lost 300,000 turn despite not spending any money on adverts or infrastructure where the turn before I wasn’t losing any ,it stops loosing this much till your 10,000’s. Also I usually don’t have enough money to spend on adverts despite in theory them only cost a few dollars. Also would an early start date be possible so I can develop a campaign for some of the weaker candidates

  9. @Milo

    Thanks for the feedback. I confess, I don’t know how to set the economics on the historical levels very well. I reduced the purchasing power (money coefficient) because it was too easy to buy ads. I guess I could let the Socialists start with more money, or increase the coefficient somewhat. I’ll have to find someone more knowledgeable on the money aspect of campaign building. I can do everything else but that.

  10. I’d say its better to have the finance system be effective rather realistic towards inflation I’d just set the cost to what they are normally. Its less immersive but it means the game is more balanced and its better for gameplay

  11. Hey man, sorry for my late response. Been on an out of town trip for my birthday and just now saw your message. I just tried playing through it again, and I got no errors. Apologies for that, I just helped another creator sort out an error the 1824 campaign had, and the error was identical to that one so I just assumed it was the message for an error that needed fixing and not a one time thing (which I have got before, it was just a different message). I didn’t bother testing it again based on that assumption. My mistake man 🙂

    Great campaign by the way, I’m enjoying it a whole lot 🙂 I’m enjoying all of the campaigns you’ve done. You’ve got a real knack for this stuff man, keep up the good work 🙂

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