President Infinity Sentinel’s 1992 Election – Alpha – Updated 3/22/2016

Sentinel’s 1992 Presidential Election for President Infinity – Alpha Version – V 0.03

I’m working on a historical (with ahistorical options) for the 1992 Presidential election. You can download and play the alpha version here. Please note that this is nowhere near complete. Many features from the 2008 Beta are still in this game.

Download Here: United States – 1992 3.22.16

What Is Done – 3/22/16 Update

-My apologies for not updating sooner! I will try to update more, but in the meantime the new version has the Republican primaries completed — at least the dates are. I haven’t found delegate counts yet but this will suffice. Note that some states did not have primaries in 1992 and they still do not in this scenario. There may be some other edits but I simply don’t remember them.

-Oh, it looks like I added some issues as well.

What Is Done (includes 11/27 Update)

-Added historical and a few extra Democratic and Republican candidates. (ISSUES ARE NOT DONE)

-Finished a lot of background numbers — electoral votes, 1994 state partisanship spreads (as best as I could allocate it). I used 1994 b/c I can’t find 1992.

-Finished all Democratic primary numbers. Note, the starting cash amounts for Democratic candidates is cash on hand on October 1st 1991.

-Started GOP primary numbers, still a work in progress.

-Messing around with an “unaffiliated voters” party just to see how it effects game dynamics

Also, I plan on adding a slew of characters, updated endorsers, updated issues, etc.


Download Here: United States – 1992 3.22.16

27 thoughts on “President Infinity Sentinel’s 1992 Election – Alpha – Updated 3/22/2016”

  1. Thanks for that. Definitely an interesting election year. I look forward to the complete version. 🙂

  2. I realize this is still around 5% complete, but it looks good so far nonetheless. Keep it up!

  3. Thanks everyone!

    I’ve made significant progress on the Democratic side. Until the issues and the initial GOP side is finished the Democratic side will be:

    On/Declared: Bill Clinton, Paul Tsongas, Bob Kerrey, Douglas Wilder, Tom Harkin, Jerry Brown

    On/Undecided: Mario Cuomo (I haven’t seen him enter the race yet)

    Off: Jimmy Carter, Michael Dukakis, Eugene McCarthy, Joe Biden, Al Gore, George McGovern

    If anyone wants to help, a list of Governors/Senators in office in 1992 would save a bit of time.



  4. Initial GOP Side Will Be:

    On/Declared: George HW Bush, Pat Buchanan, Harold Stassen (10th time running for President haha)

    Off: Gerald Ford, Bob Dole, Dan Quayle, Pat Robertson, Ron Paul

  5. For Ross Perot, you could add some additional running mates in addition to James Stockdale.

  6. @Bubbles- I’m worried about adding a Democratic candidate as a VP for Perot only b/c there could be a redundancy (i.e Brown running for President and VP simultaneously just b/c how the game is setup).

    Also added James Stockdale this update. Do you think I should add David Duke for the GOP?

  7. Bensten will be added at some point.

    I finished the GOP primary dates. I have to review the delegate count but its reasonable the way it is now. Issues are likely next. I also edited the surrogates for all candidates.

    After delegates I’ll do endorsers but thats more of a PITA

  8. I will likely be working more on this later so if anyone has any issue suggestions please let me know. I’ve already added Drugs & Narcotics and NAFTA (in addition to keeping Free Trade).

  9. This scenario looks great! Besides adding Bensten, other Democratic candidates could include Mayor Larry Agran, Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Majority leader George Mitchell, Governor Ann Richards, Senator Jay Rockefeller, Senator Bill Bradley, Senator Ted Kennedy, Representative Dick Gephardt, Reverend Jesse Jackson, Governor Lawton Chiles, and Speaker Tom Foley.
    Other Republicans could include General Norman Schwarzkopf, General Colin Powell, and Donald Trump.

  10. Honestly, I was waiting for the next version of the game…I thought it would come sooner…

  11. Really cool scenario! May I suggest adding Dale Bumpers of Arkansas for the Democrats?

  12. I’ll look into adding Dale, wanted to finish some other historical things before adding more ahistorical options.

    Also, I changed the “unaffiliated voters” party to a pure observational party with zero stats/percentages. Will be in the next update.

  13. Also, it’s worth noting that Bill Clinton, a candidate in the election, endorses Cuomo as a former president. I understand that this is a half-baked scenario, but I’m just pointing out some of the more useful fixes.

  14. @Arjav – Cuomo and Clinton are NOT former Presidents in 1992 — in reality or in this scenario. Not sure what you are referring to. Will fix typo in next update.

    @Bjorn – Will look at.

  15. Loving the game-started my own game as Cuomo. Was he as right wing on the issues as he is in the game? He’s a 0.4 to the right but I always thought he was seen as an arch liberal (I know he opposed the Death Penalty in NY in the 80’s)

  16. Sent a message through your Theoryspark account so as to not clutter the feed here, my thoughts on how the scenario currently stands and where I think it could be improved.

  17. @Lahbas – Dude that was a really long message.

    @Alistair – Need to fix that, thanks.

  18. Whenever I try to edit a person it says ‘Access violation at address 004CF7BF in module ‘PI.exe’. Read of address 00000030.


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