2016 Presidential Election More Candidates


I’ve created a new 2016 campaign with all of the minor candidates who are absent from the official campaign, as well as adding a few new parties.  I also made some changes to the Libertarians and Bloomberg.

United States – 2016 More Candidates 1.2

  • New Candidates:
    Gov. George Pataki – R
    Gov. Jim Gilmore – R
    Amb. John Bolton – R
    Cmsr. Mark Everson – R
    Prof. Larry Lessig – D
    Gov. Lincoln Chafee – D
    Mr. Rocky de la Fuente – D
    Mr. John McAfee – L
    Mr. Austin Petersen – L
    Mr. Darrel Castle – C
    Mr. Scott Copeland – C
    Gen. James Mattis – F
    Sen. Tom Coburn – F
    Vice Pres. Dick Cheney – F
    Gov. Rick Perry – F
  • Added the Constitution Party
    Mr. Darrel Castle – C
    Mr. Scott Copeland – C
    Vice-Presidential Option:
    Mr. Scott Bradley
    Initial polling at 1% in Wyoming and South Dakota, 0% everywhere else.  Based off of 2012 results.  Ballot access includes the states that the party expects to be on the ballot on.
  • Added the Federalist Party
    Candidates:Gen. James Mattis – F
    Sen. Tom Coburn – F
    Vice Pres. Dick Cheney – F
    Gov. Rick Perry – F
    Vice-Presidential Option:
    Sen. Ben Sasse
    Hypothetical conservative, Trump-alternative third party.  Not recommend for use during the primaries.
  • New Primary Start Dates:
    January 1st, 2015
    April 1st, 2015
    Each date has national polling, the correct undecided candidates, and FEC numbers, if applicable.
  • New General Start Date:
    July 1st, 2016
    Note that there are no conventions.  Each nominee must be chosen manually.
  • Libertarian Party Rework:
    Polling is more reasonable between the five start dates.  McAfee and Petersen improve as time passes, while Ventura and Johnson decline slightly.
    The Libertarian Debate has been moved to April 1st 2016, the date of the upcoming Fox Business debate.  Ballot access has been updated to all 50 states, as the party appears to be on track to be on every ballot.
  • Spectator Party:
    No money and no ballot access means you are free to observe the election as it unfolds.
  • Polling Boost for Bloomberg:
    He starts with at least 8% nationwide, and more in the northeast.
  • Vice-Presidents for Bloomberg:
    Gov. Ed Rendell
    Mr. Howard Schultz
    Gov. Charlie Crist
    Rep. Joe Scarborough
    Gov. Bill Walker
    Adm. Michael Mullen
  • Slight Stats Changes
    Mostly for candidates’ ambition scores.

*Last Updated 4/24/2016*

Version 1.2 for President Infinity 2.2.6

10 thoughts on “2016 Presidential Election More Candidates”

  1. Excellent!

    I’ve been waiting for you to release this for a while.

    I’ll definitely try it out! 🙂

  2. Bloomberg needs a convention so he’ll get a VP or the VP debates can crash if he qualifies. (Which he almost always does now with your boost to him.)

    Other than that, no complaints. I really needed The Gilmore Man.

  3. Just a suggestion but could you add more third parties like reform or consitution parties?

  4. I’ll be posting an updated version later today that fixes the Bloomberg bug and adds some new parties.

  5. “Hypothetical conservative, Trump-alternative third party. Not recommend for use during the primaries.” what do you mean by “not recommended for use during the primaries?” Does it mess things up or is it difficult to play?

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