Austria – 2004, 2010 and 2016

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Hi guys,

finally it’s done. I’ve designed accurate Austrian scenarios (with an Austrian map). Here are the upcoming 2016 election and the historical elections of 2010 and 2004. They are on the campaign’s page. More will follow!

I know there are many things to do (issues, endorsers, hypothetical candidates and so on…) and I’ll do them asap. You can help, if you want.

For the 2016 election, I’ll update candidates when more are announced.

Have fun and stay tuned. Any feedback is welcome. Thanks! 🙂 (next thing on the list, is preparing a 1998 scenario.


New things in the scenarios:

  • changed dates = a longer game play is now possible
  • changed %s (in 2016 a new poll was released, so I updated the poll numbers for the General Election)
  • one new candidate for social democrats
  • new (Austrian) issues in 2004
  • new endorsers
  • other minor fixes

Austrian scenarios v. 1.4.3

*last updated: 02/16/2016*

Please note that we don’t have an actual electoral college (popular vote counts), sadly no vice president and no primaries. A runoff election is necessary, if no candidate gets 50% + 1 vote in the first round.

16 thoughts on “Austria – 2004, 2010 and 2016”

  1. These are really fun and have me interested a bit more in Austrian politics,although I noticed some candidates had very similar or the same color schemes such as Kohl and Ferrero-Waldner in the primaries and while you can still tell with percentages,I think maybe changing their colors could help differentiate the states they have and don’t have.

  2. Thanks for this feedback. I will have a look on that.
    I am glad you like these scenarios. 😀 Stay tuned!

  3. First the map is wonderful. I’m envious at how beautiful the map is. Though I think some of the issues in the 2010 scenerio are not for Austria but for South Carolina( Charleston Harbor and Mark Sanford are two that come to mine).

    I know you put alot of work into this, since it is really wonderful! Just wanted to run this by you so you can update it at a later date.

    Also, I’m making a scenario for SC Gubernatorial Race (2010, 2014, 2018) and was wondering if I can borrow those platforms?

  4. Of course. 🙂 Thanks fot this feedback and I would love to play scenarios of South Carolina. 😉 Yeah, the issues are from the scenario of South Carolina’s Special Election 2013 for the 1st District. I used this scenario as basis for mine thus it still has the same issues. I will definitely update the issues asap. 🙂

  5. Btw I took the map from another Austrian scenario, it’s actually not my work but thanks for your appreciation. 🙂

    P.S.: I wasn’t logged in thus my different nicks… xD

  6. @luki

    Yes, I live in SC 1st District, and remember Colbert-Busch early on leading in the polls against Sanford: but Sanford put up these tacky wooden signs saying he will lower our taxes.

    Are you from SC as well?

  7. Would love to, but nope I am from Austria 😛 Therefore my interest in Austrian politics, besides US politics.

  8. Hahah, you should visit Charleston. I live just outside of it, but it is a beautiful city with a bunch of old buildings(at least old for America). But I find it really amazing how you got the issues and the positions for SC-1st almost accurately. 😀

  9. Just curious, assuming you made the map of Austria yourself, how do you make your own custom maps? I know that the newest update included a map editor.

  10. @EdgarAllenYOLO I didn’t make the map myself. I took it from another (older) Austrian scenario. But yes that’s correct, I changed the regions myself in the map editor included in the last version. 🙂
    I am currently trying to make my own South Dakota map to improve my skill in making really new maps. Hopefully it will work. 🙂 Stay tuned!

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