Arizona – 2014 (Governor)


Hi guys,

I’ve created the Gubernatorial Election of Arizona 2014. Have fun, any feedback is welcome. Stay tuned, as it is the first beta version.

I didn’t make the map, I found it in an old game and I am quite interested into the State of Arizona, so thus made this scenario. I do not know who made the map, but I would like to thank you. 🙂

P.S. everyone is allowed to use this as a basis for another Arizona scenario. I look forward to play them. 😀

Thanks, Luki (CE 2)

Arizona Gubernatorial – 2014

*last updated 01/26/2016*

9 thoughts on “Arizona – 2014 (Governor)”

  1. Military intervention, defense spending, Iran, and Social Security should not be issues because those are national issues. It would also probably be better to change the free trade issue to make it fit for the state. Also, Palin’s charisma is too high, she should be a 3 and there could be an argument for a 2. Although, her experience could be a 4.

  2. great game! I really like all your scenarios, I would love it if you made a Minnesota scenario?

  3. @Falcon Thanks for the appreciation. It’s great to know that my scenarios are well received. 🙂
    @jvikings1 Thanks for your feedback. I will check the issues and give them a touch of Arizona 😉 And I definitely check Palin, although I think I didn’t change her, as I took her from the main game…
    And thanks for the link, I’ll add all candidates mentioned on Wikipedia (it’s my most reliable source for my scenarios 😀 ) sometime in the future. We’ll see when I’ve time to do so. Stay tuned!
    @Jacob Thanks for your feedback. I will have a look if there is a Minnesota-map out there, if not I will try to make one. 🙂
    Can’t say when I have time for it. I’m already trying to make my own map of South Dakota to get skill in map-editing. If this is a success we’ll see what happens next. Stay tuned! 🙂


  4. Can you make a California gubernatorial with the ARNOLD election thanks 🙂 and also can you give a quick walk through on hot map importing and such works im new to this can i clear everything and start from a clean slate or have to edit everything?

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