1972 – Communists


United States – Communists

The Communists are the popular party. The traditional parties have had a bad four years. Will the Republicrats be able to retain control? or will the Communists take over and start to put in their policies? The Communists have won control of both houses in the mid-term elections. There are many openings on the Supreme Court. If a Communist wins, there will be a majority of pro-Communist judges on it. Can someone stop the Communist wave or will the US turn into a Communist nation?


Ronald Reagan (on)

Richard Nixon (on)

Hubert Humphrey (on)

Nelson Rockefeller (on)

George Romney (on)

George Wallace (on)

Update 1.1: added Hiram Fong (on-favorite son candidate)

Update 1.4: adjusted some of Fong’s numbers

Jim Rhodes (on-favorite son candidate)

Update 1.2: added Stephen Young (on-favorite son)


Gus Hall (on)

Update 1.1: added Charlene Mitchell (off)

Update 1.2: Added Jarvis Tyner (off)

Update 1.4: Added Evelyn Reed (off)

Centrist Party (off):

Update 1.2: Added Centrist Party

Added George McGovern (off)


Update 1.2 Added Observation Party

Update 1.3: Fixed some data dealing with the Observation Party as well as its bio.

Update 1.3: Corrected Electoral Vote numbers

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