President Infinity 1836 Election


*This scenario has been greatly updated by the Historical Scenario Commission. Version 2.0 can be downloaded here: United States – 1836 v. 2.0

This election follows Andrew Jackson’s transformative presidency. Popular democracy, the banking system, tariffs, states’s rights are among the many issues in this election. Andrew Jackson declines a 3rd term and endorses his VP, Martin Van Buren, who had been the architect of the Democratic Party.

Note: The election does not contain a primary season.

The new Whig Party is a loose coalition of former National Republicans, Anti-Masons, Anti-Jackson’s, Adams Men, and Southern Nullifiers. As such, they are greatly disorganized, and have decided to run four candidates separately from different regions with the idea that Van Buren would get hammered in each sector by regionally popular candidates. The House would presumably select a Whig as a president in the deadlocked election, rather than selecting Van Buren. The four Whigs are General William Henry Harrison as a Western Whig, Daniel Webster as a Northern Whig, Hugh L. White as a Southern Whig and Willie P. Mangum as a Nullifier Whig.

The Democrats have unified behind Jackson’s choice of Van Buren. Jackson helped the unanimity by moving the convention so early that an opposing candidate could not be chosen.

There is no 3rd party.

This election allows for what-if scenario:

  •  What if the Whigs had unified behind a single candidate with more national range, such as Whig leader Henry Clay or former president John Quincy Adams?
  • What if John C. Calhoun ran as the Nullifier Whig?
  • What if Andrew Jackson ran for a 3rd term?

Feedback is desired.


20 thoughts on “President Infinity 1836 Election”

  1. Welcome back! I just figured for the older elections a lot of it would be what if candidates

  2. I am interested though in who would be able to make the unopposed elections of Washington and Monroe competitive though. Can’t wait to see

  3. You’ll see. I wouldn’t say the Washington elections will be anything close to competitive. However, the VP race will be the competitive race, since it operated similarly to a presidential election at the time. I’ll probably split the states, having Washington run unopposed (probably) in half of each state for the Presidential ticket and then have everyone else compete for the other half of the state. This way Washington wins unanimously, most likely, in the states that he is in. The two “parties” would be Presidential Vote and VP Vote, or something like that.

    The unopposed Monroe election, will see numerous Democrat favorite sons trying to block a Monroe election, probably.

  4. There’s always what if candidates for the Washington election like Ben Franklin (grant it he’s too old but neat to think about), Patrick Henry, or John Hancock

  5. Can one of the early elections have William Richardson Davie, founding father and governor of NC…visited his grave for july 4th and he would have been a good president

  6. I plan on adding Franklin as the only competitor for Washington. I’ll probably add Henry and Hancock. If I don’t add Davie in the first version, I can add him in the updates, as I’ll check all the comments to find things I missed.

  7. I know Davie was a VP nominee for the Straight Federalist Ticket with Rufus King. I also would be curious about Elbridge Gerry somewhere.

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