1824 election



*Note: This election was improved and updated by the Historical Scenario Commission

United States – 1824

Thank you to VCCzar for all his help.  I could not have done it without him.

Update 3.8.1

Slight color adjustment for Jackson

Fixed errors because of a few events

Update 3.8:

Added more events (mostly from VCCzar

Slight adjustments to campaign blurb and candidate attributes

Updated the issue icons to fight the issues of the scenario (thanks to NYRepublican)

Updated the economic coefficient

More start dates

Update 3.7:

Added a few events

Update 3.6:

Updated state flags (Thanks to Patine for providing those)

Update 3.5:

Switched the US flag as well as a few state flags to the current ones for 1824

Changed the map

Updated Electors info

Changed some finance data

Update 3.4

Updated the candidate’s bios

Update 3.3

Added William Henry Harrison as a candidate

Update 3.2

Added Richard Rush as a candidate

Update 3.1

Added William Wirt as a candidate

Added Rufus King as a candidate

Added Martin Van Buren as a candidate

Update 3

Added Daniel Webster as a candidate

Added Louis McLane as an endorser

Updated VP candidates and added a few more

Update 2.6

Updated party symbols

Added some VP choices for candidates

Update 2.5c

Turned pacs off

Update 2.5b

Fixed a typo

Update 2.5a

Added Nathaniel Macon as a candidate

Added another Martin Van Buren as a VP candidate for Crawford.

Update 2.4

Added Crawford onto the ballot in Connecticut

Added a 5 point high score bonus/penalty if a major candidate gets defeated in their home state

Put issue familiarity and debating at 3 for Massachusetts Unpledged Electors

Put each major candidate(plus Massachusetts Unpledged Electors) at the highest organization in their home state

Update 2.3

Added some more VP candidates

Added another newspaper

Changed Primary and Convention dates(If you wanted to turn primaries on so you could pick your VP)

Update 2.2

I have added the Massachusetts Unpledged Electors

Update 2.1b

Edited 3 endorsers

Edited the map(took out Michigan and Arkansas)

Put Andrew Jackson on Alabama’s ballot with 0%(for if Crawford is off)

Update 2.1a

Fixed the error when it crashed on election night

Update 2

Changed some percentages

Fixed a few endorsers

Update 1.4

Finished the endorsers list

Fixed the home states for Mrs. Clay and Adams

Update 1.3:

Updated the map again

Added more endorsers

Update 1.2:

Updated map

Update 1.1(small things):

edited some VP info

Update 1:

Fixed some typos

added a few more endorsers

added John C Calhoun as a candidate


4 thoughts on “1824 election”

  1. Nice campaign jvikings! I only just got it because I was waiting for the updates to be done and forgot about it. A John Marshall presidency was something I never knew I wanted but now I’ll be working for it. I was wondering though how you were able to edit the maps for vcczar’s scenarios, as I wanted to do something similar based off of the 1876 map for an idea I had. It may not end up being posted but I just wanted to play around with the editor. If you could give me a hand that’d be pretty cool.

  2. Thanks. To edit the map, you have to do it manually in the files, but some people have trouble because errors come up. This is why I am doing it for vcczar because he kept getting an error.

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