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  1. And also, Jimmy Carter was elected in 1976 by defeating President Ford. However, strong conservative

  2. views reflects the population, and the right-winger, Reagan hopes to take back the White House. George H. W. Bush, however, wants to bring a more moderate viewpoint. Who will win? (the top comment is the first part. I do not know what happened, but it posted). This is how te opening description should be.

  3. Thank you for the correction! English isn’t my first language so my sentences aren’t always as clean as they should be.

  4. Jimmy Carter is way too weak in this. Also, Ronald Reagan looses momentum way too fast. He also needs to have his experience increases. He was the governor of California.

  5. On Jimmy Carter’s bio, you misspelled he. On John Anderson’s bio you misspelled no. Also, turn the independent party on by default, but turn John Anderson off by default. This will turn the Independent Party on if they start in the general election. This is what I have seen so far.

  6. The reason for me not having Andersons Independent run on by default is because he first ran in the Republican Primaries, then he lost. That is why the Indenpendent run were launched.

  7. Also, Reagan had too man scandals against him. Carter is still too weak. He was tied with Kennedy

  8. Do you have Skype? if you do add alexander.nordlund2.
    So can we talk alot more effecient about the beta

  9. Iowa. Kennedy was very far ahead in delegates. Sorry about the multiple posts, I do not know what is happening.

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  11. @jvikings1

    I have to fix the endorsers, when that is done a update will come!

  12. ok. Also, you should tag this under President Infinity and ask Anthony to make you a 1980 tag. That would make it easier to find.

  13. I downloaded the new one and you may not have uploaded the correct version because those candidates were not added on the one that I downloaded.

  14. The update didnt work. It didnt seem to be in the new download. (Sorry for being difficult today)

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