Nova Scotia -2013 version 1.0


Nova Scotia 2013

Author: Bluenoser15

Four years after sweeping to power, the Dexter led NDP are fighting for their political lives. Public disenchantment with business-friendly subsidies, a broken no tax increase promise and an MLA expense scandal has made this election an up hill battle for the incumbent New Democrats.

*Still to be fixed


•Election night starts at 7:00 but vote count begins at 8:00

•More issues could be added

8 thoughts on “Nova Scotia -2013 version 1.0”

  1. Try redownloading the scenario and installing in your copy of Prime Minister Forever 2011 v 1.3.0 there could have been an error when you unzipped the scenario so it might help to unzip it with another program.

  2. Anybody interested in updating this for the 2017 election and making it work on the latest PM Infinity?

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