1996 US Election – Reform Referendum (Perot Wins ’92)

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This is an alternate-history campaign.

Ross Perot came to power in the most unique situation, of any President in the 20th century. Perot won as a independent candidate in 1992, but since then has formed a national party, calling the the “Reform Party”. Perot initially had very high approval rating, but since then has slumped in popularity after, despite his promises, the country fell into legislative gridlock. Despite this Perot was able to reject NAFTA, and begin the phase of withdrawing American forces in Europe. Perot initially said he only wanted one-term, but in coming months has made more and more overtures about running for another term. Can Perot win a second term? And who will the Democrats nominate after a close 2nd place finish in 1992, can they win? Will the Republicans be further humilated after a third-place finish in 1992?

1992 US Election

Reform Candidates:

Ross Perot

Democratic Candidates:

Al Gore

Mario Cuomo

Jerry Brown

Evan Bayr

Lloyd Bentsen

Jay Rockefeller

Bill Clinton (alternate, turned off on default)

Republican Candidates:

Pat Buchanan

Lamar Alexander

Dan Quayle

Steve Forbes

Phil Gramm

Bill Weld

Bob Dornham

Alan Keyes

General Election Screenshot

Democratic Primary Screenshot:

Republican Primary Screenshot: