US Presidential Election – 1976

The United States 1976 Presidential Election Scenario — 200 Years of History!!!

This 1976 election created by Os Davis and VCCzar.

*Note: The Historical Scenario Commission updated this scenario on Nov 5, 2017 (and again Nov 29). It can be downloaded here: United States – 1976 2.2

This is the historic election between Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford. The game includes the historical primary challengers, including Ronald Reagan. Additionally, we have included several what-if candidates, most notably Ted Kennedy, Nelson Rockefeller, George Bush I, George McGovern, Hubert Humphrey, and more.

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  1. Eugene McCarthy starts the primaries with nearly a 30% showing in the polls.

  2. @Rob,

    What are you talking about? He’s clearly in the scenario. I just opened it my self. He’s the default option on the general election, and the first candidate on the left for the Democrats in the primary.

  3. A lot of errors with the candidates… It’s missing Carter, you used Shirley Chisholm’s picture and biography for McCormack, Sam Yorty’s picture and bio for Mo Udall, John Lindsay’s picture and bio for Jerry Brown, Wilbur Mills picture and bio for Birch Bayh, Vance Hartke’s picture and bio for Frank Church, and Patsy Mink’s picture and bio for Lloyd Bentsen.

  4. @jnewt
    Are you sure you have the latest edition. My internal fixed all of this. I don’t see the same issues

  5. When I try to play the primaries as any candidate, the game launches but I get the error TGameEngine::ProcessTurns() > Code = 54 Access violation at address 004C9B1C in module ‘PI.exe.’ Read of address 00000100. This happens regardless of who I choose, but does not occur if I start in the general.

  6. @michaelsdiamonds
    I’m getting this too, for some reason. I’ll try to figure out why this is happening now.

  7. Roger MacBride (Libertarian)
    Lester Maddox (American Independent)
    Thomas J. Anderson (American Party)
    Peter Camejo (Socialist Workers)

  8. @Connally, you need to make the General election date later or make the Republican convention earlier.

  9. @Connally
    The Republican Primaries? Not necessarily. It’s the convention that’s the issue.

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