Australia – 1987

After a tumultuous second term in office, abandoning most of it’s policies from it’s previous government, can Bob Hawke make history and lead Labor to it’s subsequent 3rd election victory? Or will John Howard and the coalition capitalize on the disillusion of labor’s heartland and form Government? (all whilst avoiding the disastrous Joh for Canberra campaign)

Playable characters include:

Bob Hawke (Labor)

John Howard (Liberal)

Ian Sinclair (National)

Sir Joh Bjielke-Peterson

Janine Haines (Democrats)

and more.

Download the campaign here

This is my first published campaign so feedback is more than welcome.

3 thoughts on “Australia – 1987”

  1. Overall, very great for your first campaign. Both parties play well, one thing I would say is Labour is slightly overpowered. But, the campaign was interesting and I would be interested to hopefully see more campaigns in the future!

  2. It’s a pretty solid first attempt, but there are some seats (Dawson, Maranoa, Capriconica, and probably others) where the Democrats are running well ahead of where they polled, and in the case of Dawson and Capriconica didn’t even run candidates in ’87

  3. Thanks for the feedback, I am currently working on an update that will be released once I check every seat again, now that I have the official poll results available to me among other stuff.

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