US Election 1980: The Comeback (A.H, Ford Wins 1976)

Compatible with 3.1.1

This is an alternate-history campaign.

President Gerald Ford was narrowly elected in 1976, and since then has been President during an economic stagnation. Can the Republicans hold on, and if they do, will it be at the cost of Reagan becoming the nominee? The Democrats have finally secured Teddy Kennedy for the nomination, but can Kennedy do it? You decide.

Democratic Nominees:

Senator Ted Kennedy

Former Govenor George Wallace

Govenor Jerry Brown

Govenor Hugh Carey

Senator Gary Hart

Senator Adlai Stevenson III

Senator William Proxmire

Republican Nominees:

Former Governor. Ronald Reagan

Vice President Bob Dole

Former Representative George Bush

Former Govenor John Connally

Representative John Anderson

Ambassador Ben Fernadez

General Election:

Democratic Primary:

Republican Primary:

6 thoughts on “US Election 1980: The Comeback (A.H, Ford Wins 1976)”

  1. Great work! I was wondering how you make these campaigns? I usually copy the file of an existing campaign and work on it, but it gets too confusing for me and sometimes I end up overriding the original file. Any help?

  2. Hey thanks for the comment and compliment, Dylan.

    Personally I create a duplicate of the campaign year I want in the “Campaign Editor”, and then rename the new duplicate, and start editing that one to my liking.

  3. Thanks for the comment, man!

    Just wondering what you didn’t like about the portraits?

  4. Seems ugly, but others might like it.

    However, this scenario has more candidates for the Dems & Reagan isn’t that powerful, so it would be more fun than the official one.

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