2009 – Germany (Popular Vote only)

Germany has had a bumpy ride through the world economic crisis, but citizens are mostly satisfied with Chancellor Merkel’s handling of the crisis. Yet the Grand Coalition of CDU/CSU and SPD is unwilling to continue. Parties are searching for controversial issues to fight it out. Merkel seeks to keep power with a new partner. But with an established five-party system, coalition prospects are unsafe at any time. Will the campaign end in a grand surprise?

This scenario is the 2009 Chancellor Forever campaign remade for the infinity engine. Although the hybrid electoral system is not implemented in the engine, I have updated the scenario so we have a playable base campaign with is easily amendable should the Hare-Niemayer system come to the infinity engines.

3 thoughts on “2009 – Germany (Popular Vote only)”

  1. Andres, try changing region image name to ‘th—Ćringen.bmp’ (otherwise to ‘thuringen.bmp’).

  2. Try copying & pasting the regional image to somewhere else. Rename it, and import it into the scenario (go to Regions in the Campaign Editor)

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