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Hello everyone! It is I, your dear ruler, back from isolation where I have been slaving away for things to be made available to you, my loyal plebs!

In my time away I have literally attempted to create a Michigan 2020 Senate scenario for you (and myself) to enjoy. In doing this, I discovered there is one immense problem. Michigan is a state of 83 counties, with 70+ of those being normally very conservative. Going through and 1) naming, 2) targeting, 3) inserting a) voters, b) population, and c) voter registered, 4) region IDs, and 5) county flags alone takes almost an entire day. One problem most scenario creators find is that it’s nigh impossible to stay dedicated to such work over an extended period of time (I can’t imagine the slog that must be doing a state like Texas, with over 200 counties.

I do not know yet if anyone has made a Michigan scenario, I do not believe so. So in this case I decided to make a template.

This has everything already set out for you-voters, reg. voters, population, region names, ids, and flags, region placements, default R-D candidate placeholders, all the basic work is done already. You need to add in everything else-issues you want, candidate’s names and other things, blurbs, issue strength, events, debates, polls, primary info, that sort of stuff. But, all the hard work, the really hard work-is done for you. So please, enjoy!

Note: I am currently creating a Michigan Senatorial 2020 scenario, and so would appreciate it if no one else took up the challenge of making it!

9 thoughts on “Template – Michigan”

  1. If you would like, I could do more of these. I often find doing larger states like Michigan and others hard with just how much basic work has to be done. If there’s a state you’d like and already hasn’t been done, I’ll do my best on it!

  2. Are you planning to add a democratic primary challenge from Abdul-El Sayed or even Rashida Tlaib (lol?) and/or Justin Amash for the republican nomination?

  3. If you could provide me with an Illinois State Template, similarly, I have a number of scenarios I could produce. In memory of the late Senator Adlai E. Stevenson III, I could set up scenarios for the 1982 & 1986 Governor races v. Big Bill Thompson who also died sadly recently. Maybe even produce the 1990 with the option of what would have happened had Stevenson made a third bid. Not to mention we have the 1994, 1998, and 2002 Governor’s races and give you the chance to run Roland Burris and see if you can get him out of the primaries. Or see if you can produce the first female elected Governor in 1994 with Dawn Clark Netsch. I just need a basic normal race like the last Senate or Governor and I can reproduce. Also there’s the option to do 2004 US Senate and see if Barack Obama wins the primary or can you stop him there or in a General Election with another competent Republican like Jim Edgar or even Mike Ditka not the crazy carpet bagger Alan Keyes.

  4. Hey, yeah! That would be a great idea! I should be able to do that one of these days!

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