US Gubernatorial Races – 2018

Gubernatorial – 2018

With 36 state governorships up for election this year, there are many opportunities for Jay Inslee’s Democratic Governors Association to add to their membership. Members of Bill Haslam’s Republican Governor’s Association will be primarily on the defense, but there may be opportunities for the Republicans to flip a few races as well. Will the Democrats ride a “blue wave” into the governorships of these states, or will this “blue wave” fizzle out and enable the Republicans to retain control of these states before redistricting in 2020?

NB. While this is obviously not true to how gubernatorial races work in real life, I thought that it would be a neat idea to develop a scenario of this sort. If people enjoy it, I may do other cycles.

2 thoughts on “US Gubernatorial Races – 2018”

  1. I agree with TheLiberalKitten here, you definitely should make more scenarios of this!

    I’m definitely making a video of this scenario on my channel, Blind Boy Gaming And Politics, someday!

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