Three Congressional Scenarios

VA5 2020 – (D) Cameron Webb versus (R) Bob Good

Physician Cameron Webb takes on Republican Bob Good in Virginia’s 5th district. VA-5 voted for Trump in 2016, and voted for Corey Stewart by 2 in his landslide Senate loss in 2018. Bob Good defeated incumbent Congressman Denver Riggleman in the primary. Can Bob Good hold this traditionally Republican seat?

MN7 2020 – (D) Collin Peterson versus (R) Michelle Fischbach

Minnesota-7 voted for Trump by 31 points in 2016, but long-time Democratic Congressman Collin Peterson has held on. 2020 is likely to be his toughest race yet. He is facing former MN Lt. Governor Michelle Fischbach. Can he win?

VA9 2010 – (D) Rick Boucher versus (R) Morgan Griffith

In Virginia-9 long-time Congressman Rick Boucher is trying to win reelection to a seat he has held since 1983. He is facing Virginia State Delegate Morgan Griffith. This western Virginia seat voted for John McCain and has become heavily Republican on the Presidential level. Can Congressman Boucher survive the red wave to hold his seat, or will Griffith upset the long-time Representative in an anti-Obama wave.

3 thoughts on “Three Congressional Scenarios”

  1. Hey just some stuff – you need to change some of the Minnesota 7 things. All the primary dates to 2020, you used my base 2014 senate scenario which is fine and the dates are still on 2020 the Primary this year is August 11th. Collin Peterson is from Detroit Lakes in Becker County MN. Michelle Fischbach is from Paynesville MN which is in Stearns County. Don’t Forget to add the smaller sized Picture for the candidates. Also There is a contentious primary in the district this year, with the 2016, and 2018 nominee Dave Hughes, and a doctor from Hutchinson MN Named Noel Collis who has fund raised near a million for the race. Plus you still have the original surrogates and Pacs created.

  2. Then you should also look at the VA 5 for some of the same things I brought up about MN 7 as well. Definitely add Rep. Denver Riggleman because that was quite the upset.

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