Bahamas – 2007

Bahamas – 2007

Embroiled in political scandal surrounding the fast tracking of the residency application for Anna Nicole Smith, the Christie administration is now up for reelection. Former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham has reentered front-line politics after a brief hiatus, and will lead the Free National Movement into the upcoming general election. The Bahamas Democratic Movement, a small third party option for Bahamians disaffected with both the PLP and FNM, will contest several seats as well. In addition to the Anna Nicole Smith scandal, voters will have to decide between the two parties on many other issues, such as economic policy, the financial services sector, and environmental issues among others. Will Bahamians be content with the steady economic growth of the past five years, or will political scandal and perceptions of poor governance mark the end of the Christie administration?

Scenario Features Include :

  • Bahamian Political Parties :
    • Free National Movement
    • Progressive Liberal Party
    • Bahamas Democratic Movement
    • Independents
    • Parliamentary Commissioner (Observer)
  • Bahamian Political Leaders :
    • Free National Movement :
      • Fmr. Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham
      • Senator Orville “Tommy” Turnquest
    • Progressive Liberal Party :
      • Prime Minister Perry Christie
      • Minister of Health and National Insurance Dr. Bernard Nottage
    • Bahamas Democratic Movement
      • Cassius Stuart
  • Updated Issues and Party Platforms
  • Updated map with 2007 constituencies
  • Observer Party
  • and much more!

Please feel free to leave any feedback, concerns, constructive criticism, or comments below.  I have redesigned the map due to difficulties in obtaining exact boundaries for Bahamian constituencies during this era.

A non-binding plan of action (depending on the amount of my personal time available) for further scenarios is as follows :

  • North Abaco – 2012 by-election
  • Elizabeth – 2010 by-election
  • Jamaica – 2016
  • Jamaica – 2011
  • Turks and Caicos – 2016
  • Trinidad and Tobago – 2015

I do not want to mention any further scenarios due to the risk of overextending myself given the amount of time that it takes to produce these. There may be deviations from this list, but these are what I hopefully have time to produce in the coming months.

Hope that everyone is able to enjoy!


CPE (Caribbean Political Enthusiast)

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