Bahamas 2012 Election Prime Minister Infinity

Bahamas – 2012

Bahamas – 2012

After 5 years in government, the Bahamian electorate is divided on Prime Minister Ingraham’s latest term in office.  Growing Chinese influence, and a rising national debt in the wake of the 2008 Recession, have many voters unsure of whether they will back the Prime Minister for another term in office.  The Progressive Liberal Party have rebounded from their 2007 electoral loss, and are set to challenge the Prime Minister on his most recent governing record.  According to the latest polls, the race appears to be neck and neck with both the Progressive Liberal Party and Free National Movement vying to attract independent voters into their respective corners.  A brand new third-party, the Democratic National Alliance, led by Member Of Parliament for Bamboo Town Branville McCartney has emerged onto the political scene following internal disputes within the FNM.  Seemingly attracting a strong amount of support, combined with high voter frustration, will they spoil the election for either major party? 

Scenario Features Include :

  • Bahamian Political Parties :
    • Free National Movement
    • Progressive Liberal Party
    • Democratic National Alliance
    • Bahamas Constitutional Party
    • Independents
    • Parliamentary Commissioner (Observer)
  • Bahamian Political Leaders :
    • Free National Movement :
      • Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham
      • Deputy Prime Minister Brent Symonette
      • Minister Of National Security Tommy Turnquest
    • Progressive Liberal Party :
      • Fmr. Prime Minister Perry Christie
      • Hon. Dr. Bernard Nottage
      • Hon. Shane Gibson
    • Democratic National Alliance
      • Branville McCartney
    • Bahamas Constitutional Party
      • Ali McIntosh
  • Updated Endorsers
  • Updated Issues and Party Platforms
  • Map of the Bahamas with 2012 constituency boundaries
  • Observer Party
  • and much more!

Please feel free to leave any feedback, concerns, constructive criticism, or comments below.  Based off of feedback received from the 2017 scenario, I have reduced the costs of advertising.

Hope that everyone is able to enjoy!


CPE (Caribbean Political Enthusiast)

2 thoughts on “Bahamas – 2012”

  1. nice scenario, whats your next scenario plan? could you do trinidad&tobago or jamaica?

  2. Hi there,

    Thank you for the feedback. I intend to continue doing Bahamian scenarios to the 1960’s (the electoral system prior is not scaleable in PMI), but I do have intentions to possibly publish scenarios for Turks & Caicos as well as Jamaica. I am not that familiar with the political climate in T&T, but I can possibly do some research in the future regarding scenarios taking place there.

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