UK – 2017 New Leaders

It’s what it says on the tin, this adds new leaders for both the major parties as well as some minor parties. In the near future I will add bios for the present leaders. I plan on adding more leaders, and diversifying the independent party (add minor parties and ideologically specific independents) sometime in the future.

United Kingdom – 2017 More Leaders


Updated: September 12 2018

Adjusts Leader attributes for Liam Fox and Hilary Benn.

Added David Cameron, John McDonnell, and Vince Cable.


One thought on “UK – 2017 New Leaders”

  1. Great Idea, In terms of suggestions I think Liam Fox should be weakened as Integrity should be at least 2 as this was a man caught using expenses and public money on a secret male lover, and I think four experience is a bit high as he’s only been a minister for a year between 2010-11 and from 2016-, so only 2 years of experience when this is set. I’d boast Hilary Benn integrity to 3 and don’t see why its only 2. For UKIP Evans and Rees-Evans shouldn’t have 4 Charisma espically when you compare them to someone like Farage who their having to follow, and Evans shouldn’t have a 4 for leadership considering how long she lasted.

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