New York City Mayoral Election 12-15-17

new york city mayoral 2017 update 12-15-17

This is an update to my original NYC Mayoral Election scenario. Changes include:

  • Starting percentages equal to real-life results
  • Malliotakis moved to top of Republican listing of candidates
  • Richard Bashner added as “on” candidate
  • Robert Gangi added as “on” candidate
  • Michael Tolkin added as “on” candidate
  • Don Peebles turned “off”
  • All Republicans turned “off” except Malliotakis and Massey
  • Parties reordered
  • Turnout adjusted
  • Aaron Commey added as Libertarian nominee
  • Michael Tolkin added as independent
  • Sal Albanese added as Reform nominee
  • Independent parties renamed to Mayoral Lines
  • Primary percentages adjusted
  • Adjusted money coefficient
  • Removed Reform Party endorser
  • Modified primary delegates and turnout

12 thoughts on “New York City Mayoral Election 12-15-17”

  1. How do you play this? I already downloaded it, its just not showing up on president infinity.

  2. When you press “change campaign”, it will list all your playable campaigns, along with “ok”, “cancel”, “import”, and “delete” at the bottom of this screen. You want to press the import button here.

  3. For some reason it only says OK and cancel for me. Do I have an older version that is not updated?

  4. Thank you Very much! I was able to get the update and download the Scenario, You were a big help!

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